J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas
J34 Tik vienas

J34 Tik vienas

Jei ketinate turėti tik vieną medžioklės paketą, turėkite tik vieną

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Tai naujausia komplekto, pradėjusio pavarų revoliuciją, versija – legendinis J34 Just One Pack™. Kaip sakoma: „Jei ketinate turėti tik vieną medžioklės paketą, turėkite tik vieną“. J34 yra labai universalus ir turi patentuotų funkcijų, dėl kurių Eberlestock pakuotės yra unikalios. Pradedant nuo itin kompaktiško 2300 kubinių colių, įmontuota Cam Expansion System™ išplečia ją iki 4600 kubinių colių. Pridėkite „Super Spike Duffel™“ ir gausite 7500 kubinių colių krovimo mašiną.

We are confident that we fulfill every order with the utmost quality, accuracy and timely delivery. In the event that we do not meet any of your expectations, we are happy to return or exchange items that comply with our simple guidelines


  • Suspausto paketo tūris: 1 900 c.i.
  • Išplėstinės pakuotės tūris: 4200 c.i.
  • Makšties tūris: 400 c.i.
  • Bendra apimtis: 4 600 c.i.
  • Svoris: 7,25 svaro
  • Matmenys (suspausti): 25" aukštis x 11" plotis x 6 coliai
  • Maštuko matmenys: 34 colių ilgis x 7 coliai plotis x 3 coliai, su 20 colių perimetro anga


  • Įmontuotas medžioklinis šautuvas Backscabbard
  • Vertikaliai reguliuojami diržai
  • Suderinamas su drėkinimu
  • Griebtuvo suspaudimo dirželiai

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
John H.
Great idea, fatal flaws

I recently purchased an Eberlestock J34 pack and, while I was impressed with the overall construction of the pack, several design shortcomings led me to ultimately reject and return it.

I was willing to overlook the badly designed top flap, with zippers that seem placed to allow things to fall out when opened, and a single strap (rather than the standard two) that offers little in the way of torsional stability to the top as it sits on the main body of the pack. I was also frustrated by the fact that the horizontal load compression straps go around the outside of the exterior pockets, rendering them inaccessible without undoing the compression straps. This also makes it impossible to tighten the straps without crushing what may be in those pockets. The final straw for me came when I loaded it up with 47 pounds of gear in preparation for a summer scouting trip. The presence of the built-in (empty) scabbard, which in theory is a great idea, made it impossible to adequately tighten the load against the pack frame and suspension system. The short fabric loops that are in place for this purpose do not allow the pack to tighten fully against your back, leaving you with an unsecured load. It was unacceptable to me with less than 50 pounds in it; I can’t imagine trying to haul out 85 pounds of meat with this suspension. I’ve carried 100-pound packs on mountaineering expeditions, so I know it’s possible to design a pack that will carry that weight solidly. This, unfortunately, is not one of those, IMHO. Probably great for light loads, but for backcountry deer hunting, I opted for a MR Marshall.

From Bird hunting to Moose hunting

The options and capabilities on this pack are fantastic if you purchase a few more items.
I personally think the zip in panel orange on one side camo on the other is a must and should be included.
The spike duffel is a great choice as well.
This pack is ruggedly built and will last for generations.

Perhaps the only downside to it is its weight if you are hunting in high altitudes and or steep terrain this pack is not for you.

But for everything else from Bird hunting to Moose hunting it is superior.

I highly recommend the J34

Kris K.
Perfect pack

Exactly as advertised and well built

Martha M.
J34 Just One

Very nice pack. Lots of room.

Gerald B.
Well Built, Practical and Comfortable

I like how practical this pack is. With the Spike Camp Duffel it has more than enough room to carry supplies in for four to five days or carry meat out. I have not tried it without the duffel yet, and I don't see why it wouldn't work. Very versatile and adjustable.

Cord S.
Great pack, a little heavy

I've only put about 5 miles on this pack so far so take this review with a grain of salt. The pack is very sturdy; I'd have absolutely no qualms about weighing it down with 100 pounds or more. I really love the fact that I can draw my gun from the pack without removing it. You need to be a bit limber but it's totally doable and I feel quite smooth with that motion already. Definitely don't but a hydration pack that's bigger than 2L as that's all that that particular compartment will hold. I haven't found a good place to store the hydration hose when not in use so that's a bit of a downside for now. The pack is quite heavy which is unfortunate knowing that I try to cut ounces on all of my gear including gun, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, camp stove, etc. It feels a bit like taking a step backwards in that department. The large rain cover fits the pack well. I purchased the duffel along with this pack as per Eberlestock's suggestion but I'm not quite sure how to combine these items in the most efficient way. So far, I'm not sure how much I gain by having that piece to go with it. Lastly, know that if you're buying a pack where there are 2 compartments between your back and the main pocket, anything you carry in that main pocket is going to put a bit more strain on your back than with another backpack where that weight can be pulled in closer to your back. That said, I feel like it's a fair trade-off to have your rifle protected and off of your shoulder while still within reach. I'm 6'1" 175lbs and hardly had to adjust the pack at all.

Peter S.
Just one

Amazing pack. Love the products.

MaiSee V.

I honestly don't know yet to rate your product due to the fact it is for my boyfriend on our anniversary which is on May 15. Once he opens it and tells me how excited he is than I can rate your product.

Bart O.
Well-made hunting backpack.

I was in need of a new backpack for an out of state hunt later this year. My brother Beau is a guide in the Blue Mountains and said this was one of the best packs he had ever owned. With his advice and only trying it briefly so far, I agree. This pack is roomy, comfortable and appears to be well made. The backpack was shipped quickly and directly to my home. I hope to send photos of my successful hunts later this year. Thanks for a great product.

Kelly W.
Truly a “one-stop shop”

I’m a pretty intense researcher, so I worried that the decision on a hunting pack could be a nightmare. My hunting partners both run the M5 RMEF Team Elk and love it, while I’ve hunted several seasons using my Osprey camping rig. I wanted something lower profile than the M5 (internal frame and not camouflage) but that would still have the capacity to haul major weight and have the fantastic Eberlestock rifle scabbard (my previous pack could carry a lot but there wasn’t a great way to secure my rifle when packing out). In the end the J34 fit the bill perfectly. I compared the weight, features, capacities and capabilities to every other manufacturer I could find; without exception the competitions’ offerings were all more expensive, less feature-rich and lacked Eberlestock’s proven history and tactical pedigree. I hunt every season from spring turkey to late season elk in the high Rockies and look forward to using this pack for those chases. It hasn’t been out on a hunt yet but I’ve been rucking with it daily and so far it carries like a dream. I’ve been loading 45# in it without issue and can tell it’s going to be harder to find the right weights to put in it than to max out this bad boy. The weight carries close in to your body and the adjustability of the pack is great, especially for someone with scoliosis who requires some wonky fitting to get the weight to ride correctly. The only issue is that the hydration sleeve (as mentioned in several other reviews) doesn’t fit a 3L bladder. Fortunately I read that and bought the 2L, which fits perfectly and is honestly a good amount of water, especially when supplemented with a quart or two of hydration mix in bottles. Overall it’s a killer pack; build quality and materials are top-notch and the fit and finish made it worth every penny.