IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis
IndiTAK maišelis

IndiTAK maišelis

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IndiTAK™ (individualus pagalbos traumoms rinkinys) yra aprūpintas elastinėmis juostomis, kad būtų galima laikyti svarbiausius daiktus, esančius aukščiausios klasės IFAK traumų rinkinyje, pvz., tvarsčius, turniketus ir kt. IndiTAK turi visą priekinį vaizdo maišelį, kuriame yra du išorinės turniketo rankovės, kurios yra dvigubai didesnės kaip 5,56 mago maišeliai. Jis turi nuplėšiamą MOLLE nugarėlę, leidžiančią ją pritvirtinti prie pakuotės, prie kito Velcro sujungimo paviršiaus arba tiesiog perkelti ant juosmens diržo.

  • Matmenys: 9 colių aukštis x 5,5 colio plotis x 3 colio skersmuo
  • Tūris: 130c.i.
  • Svoris: 9,6 uncijos

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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
David W.
Great first aid pouch

Holds a lot of stuff including 2 places on the sides that seem tailor made for CAT tourniquets. There’s enough room inside for a couple serious injuries’ worth of supplies.

IndiTAK Perfection

Best iTAK component I have ever used through 25 years of tactical ops, including a dozen deployments. Confident this will be my permanent choice for all future kit.

Doug R.
Psck for turkeys

The pack performed has advertised, did well.

Brad H.

It's built tough with plenty of room for all the necessary gear.

V D.
Perfect for IFAK

I embarked on a mission to build my own IFAK. I would pick my own items, making sure they’re the best. This pouch is a bit bigger that I expected but it fits the bill just great!

Pack j.
Inditak pouch

This is a great add on pouch for a blowout kit, on any molle equipped backpack. This "rip away" pack is just the right size for holding the necessary life saving components like Israeli bandages, pressure wraps, and clotting sponges. It also has an outside pocket that's perfect for a C.A.T. TQ.
I have all of my eberlestock backpacks outfitted with one.

Great Quality…

This indiTAK is a great little bag. Very stuffy sturdy, easy to open and just the right size. The external TQ pockets fit just right and the hook and loop was high quality. Eberlestock really knows what they are doing when it comes to making equipment.

I wanted to love the bag… I really wanted to. Unfortunately, I have a strict made in the USA 🇺🇸 policy with my kit and the tag inside indicated it was not. THIS IS MY FAULT for not checking completely NOT EBERLESTOCKS.

Plenty of space! One con

I just loaded it up last night, and it has plenty of space for medical items. I put several bandages, chest seals, emergency blankets, tourniquet, trauma shears, gloves, Israeli bandage, and an abdominal bandage. It’s a big kit, so it could be bulky but if your context needs a big kit, this is a good one. One con is the Velcro attachment, which allows quick access but also would allow it to be detached easily if bumped hard. It is tethered so you would not lose it but it could be aggravating. My solution was a simple shock cord around it and through the webbing that holds it to the Velcro backing securely.

Justin M.
Not what I fully expected

The bag was on the small side and lacked side yolk straps which I felt it needed standard. The quality and finish on the bag were excellent.

Inditak Pouch

Overall great pouch. Would have ranked it higher but have one complaint. The Molle is spaced three wide. This does not allow it to be centered on most gear because it is in even numbers spacing. Take for instance I put it on the back flap of My Gunslinger 2 pack. The molle is only four wide thus it had to be put off center of pack. It is a little gripe but it would have been nice if it was even spacing vs. odd.