Endo G tipo vidinis rėmas

Endo G tipo vidinis rėmas



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AGIF Endo Frame yra puikus daugelio mūsų dieninių krepšių priedas. Dauguma mūsų mažesnių pakuočių turi klasikinius vidinius mažos pakuotės rėmelius, vadinamus rėmelių lapais. Šie plastikiniai lakštai puikiai atitinka savo paskirtį, tačiau kartais mūsų klientai nori daugiau struktūros. Endo yra atsakymas į šį poreikį; Įkišamas į pagrindinę pakuotės apkrovos sritį, jis įsitaiso galiniame kampe ir dedamas šalia pagrindinio rėmo skydo. Patekęs į pakuotę, ji paverčiama daug struktūriškesne pakuote, pasižyminčia vertikaliu ir šoniniu standumu. Puikus šios koncepcijos privalumas yra tai, kad ji labai mažai prideda pakuotės svorio, nesijaučiate jokio komforto skirtumo, kai pakuotė yra ant nugaros, ir nėra triukšmo, susijusio su rėmeliu.

Endo turi subtilų kontūrą, skirtą sustiprinti juosmens atramą ir laikytis natūralaus naudotojo vidurinės viršutinės nugaros dalies lanko.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Mike M.
Cant use but good product

I misread the question and answers regarding the product and after receiving the frame found out it didnt fit my switchback pack. Totally my fault. However, I used it in another (cheap) pack successfully and it seems to work well. It is a nice light weight addition to provide some rigidity to a pack without a frame.

Kevin L.
Solid fit

I’m my opinion the bag can work fine without it - but I did want something with a bit more stability. Some might find the lack of structure in the lil’ brother a design flaw.

Anyway, this is a cheap, light, and effective solution to resolving the structure issue.

Loved the lil’ brother before. Love it even more now.

Adam S.
Excellent quality

I ordered this form my G1 Little Brother and it works well! Super easy to install and remove plus the weight is very low.

Mike F.
Excellent Frame

Very supportive and extremely comfortable!

Anthony N.
Lightweight option for a ridged pack frame

There is a nice, tight fit and it certainly does add some support for a heavier load. The shape works best with the belt. It is a must if you wish to use is without the F1 mainframe and can be left in even when the pack is attached to the frame.

Little Big Top

Is it compatible with the little big top? Would I need to remove the plastic frame sheet or leave it installed?

I should have purchased a long time ago

Fits great and does exactly what it is supposed to.

Must have

The Endo G-type internal frame really improves the performance and comfort of my Transformer pack as a stand alone ruck for early season scouting.
Definitely a must have if you plan to use the Transformer without the F1 Mainframe.

Lee T.
Awesome product

Exactly what I I wanted and fast , fast delivery.

David L.
Wrong Size As Of Yet

I informed Eberlestock customer service that the frame-sheet for my X1 pack had fractured, and they immediately sent me a replacement. Because I invariably carry heavy loads of meat out of the wilderness every year, I also ordered the aluminum Endo frame as well---unfortunately, both are the wrong size because my beloved X1 is probably one of the originals. I am still in the process of correction with Eberlestock, but they have been wonderfully responsive so far.