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Išplečiamas EDC paketas su įmantriu, šiuolaikišku vadovu

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S45 Big Trick™ puikiai pasitarnaus bet kurioje situacijoje, tačiau jis buvo specialiai sukurtas vienam konkrečiam tikslui – kad būtų galima patogiai ir diskretiškai nešiotis ilgesnius ginklus, pvz., viso dydžio sulankstomą snaiperio šautuvą. Žemo profilio magnetiniai užsegimai abiejose pakuotės pusėse leidžia greitai pasiekti rankinį ginklą, o išplečiamas apatinis skyrius padidina bendrą tūrį ir pailgina makštį, todėl galite pritaikyti pakuotę pagal užtaiso dydį ir ginklo ilgį.

We are confident that we fulfill every order with the utmost quality, accuracy and timely delivery. In the event that we do not meet any of your expectations, we are happy to return or exchange items that comply with our simple guidelines


  • Tūris: 1 275 c.i.
  • Svoris: 6,5 svaro
  • Matmenys: 27,5 A x 11,5 W x 7,5 D


    • Retųjų žemių magnetinės angos prie paslėptų ginklų maišelių
    • Interjero kilpinė-velcro PALS juosta prie stovo priedų
    • Vidinės kišenės šlapimo pūslei, žurnalams, smulkiems daiktams tvarkytuvėms ir kt.
    • Nuimami diržai ir klubų diržas
    • Nauja MOLLE-10 juosta suteikia galimybę nešiotis standartinius 3 eilių MOLLE priedus ir sutaupo 60 % svorio, palyginti su standartinėmis 25 mm MOLLE matricomis
    • Dvipusis paslėptas dėklas, tinkantis daugeliui rankinių ginklų, įskaitant viso kadro pusautomačius.
    • Išplečiamas šautuvas, tinkantis įvairiems M4 klasės pusautomobiliams, 11 colių vamzdžio ilgio ir trumpesniam arba sulankstomam šautuvui prailgintame modelyje

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Ryan B.

Big Trick

Great Pack

I have both the Little Trick and Switch Blade but this Pack fit hit all the marks I was looking for, Big enough for my suppressed AR Pistol and all the gear I need to get me home where ever I may end up, Thanks for making quality products.

Had a Cherry Bomb, hoped for more packable space

I have a Daniel Defense M4A1 with EOTech 552, SureFire Scout light and ATPIAL-C laser/illuminator and carry it packed broken down. It was VERY tight fitting in a Cherry Bomb and prevented much else from going into the bag. Ordered the Big Trick hoping for a better option and am not too impressed with the space. It’s barely enough to get the broken-down weapon, flat chest rig, and extra mags in and much else. I had hopped this would be a three-to-four day bag and fit a poncho shelter, super SMALL sleeping bag, 3x day supply of clothes, food, and water purification filter with bladder. I had to add extra pouches to the external mounting points and it’s still VERY tight. I think it’s probably going to be too stressed from hiking. Zippers are under a lot of stress keeping the bag closed.

Eberlestock needs an EDC/get home bag with internal weapon storage that’s in the 30-40 liter range to make it a pack that would work beyond going to and back from the shooting range only. This pack is just too small to sustain a mission for more than a day or two.

Quality of the pack is good, it’s just so small inside. Customer Service is great. The bag is just too small.

Fantastic product

This bag is incredibly durable while being adjustable to a perfect fit.
The interior is intuitive and well designed for easy access.
- 9 year army veteran with four combat tours -

Jonas S.
Better than i expected!

the best daypack I have ever had, would definitely recommend this one.

Louis S.
Everything I need!!

This bag will last me a very long time. It can handle all my needs and then some. Couldn’t be more satisfied. Thank you Eberlestock

Christopher H.
Love the Big Trick!

I own several Eberlestock bags. After recently purchasing the LIttle Trick, which is also an awesome bag, I decided I wanted a little more room in order to fit a Sig Tread SBR with an 11.5" barrel (4" too long for the LT) with the extended barrel pocket unzipped. The AR fits with a couple inches to spare. With the barrel extension not in use, my AR Pistols with <7.5" barrels fit without any problems.

All of Eberlestocks bags are top of the line quality and have held up with whatever Ive thrown at them. If you are in the market for an incredible bag that will last, look no further than an Eberlestock!

Anthony N.
It is a great back for carrying a full length AR in a take down configuration or full length asse...

I was looking for a pack that would allow me to carry a full size AR and allow as much flexibility in length as necessary. This pack fit the need in allowing a full AR to be taken down and tucked into the pack without the expansion. The spot also does a great job protecting a laptop for every day utility. Unfortunately the price is up there otherwise I would have picked up the grey in addition to the tan.

Big Trick is a Big Win!

The Big Trick is a great medium sized bag! Holds an AR pistol, as well as supplies for the missing... hip belt takes the weight off your shoulders, and carries very well. The Big Trick is everything I hoped for and more in a covert small pack! A+

David F.
Heavy duty and versatile backpack

Great fit and versatile backpack. I'm glad the I get this for my edc.