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A6SB Batwing Pouch™ yra ypač universalus daugelio mūsų pakuočių priedas. Du Batwings gali būti sujungti kartu su mūsų F1 Mainframe™, kad sukurtumėte puikų minimalistinį dienos paketą, arba juos galima pridėti prie EMOD™ suderinamo paketo, kad padidintumėte pajėgumą. Dėl minimalistinio dizaino šikšnosparnių sparnus galima atsegti užtrauktuku ir atidaryti, kad tarp jų būtų galima įdėti ir pritvirtinti mėsą ar įrankius, o jie tvirtai pritvirtinti prie rėmo.

We are confident that we fulfill every order with the utmost quality, accuracy and timely delivery. In the event that we do not meet any of your expectations, we are happy to return or exchange items that comply with our simple guidelines



  • Tūris: 562,5 c.i.
  • Svoris: 9,6 uncijos
  • Matmenys: 21H x 5,25W x 3,75D6


  • Suderinamas su EMOD™
  • Suderinama su Vapor Series™ 
  • Vidinis segtukas 2L arba 3L Source® hidratacijos pūslėms tvirtinti

Customer Reviews

Based on 289 reviews
corey m.
super flexible

great additon to the f1 mainframe. allows a ton of flexibility out of the pack from daypack to expedition pack with simple additions.

bj b.
Good product

Yet to use them in the field but they are well made and give the perfect about of storage

Robert S.
Bat Wing

If your hunting tha back country on day trips I have found that the bat wings on my f1 main frame are perfect for packing all your hunting essentials. I would definitely recommend the bat wings and f1 main frame.

Scott L.

I love them...you guys have put alot of thought into your packs! Just a couple of ideas....need to have a locking point at the top of the zipper where the bat wings zip together. That middle zipper tends to move down a bit. And there is no zipper lock on the left side. I was a bit skeptical about having a rigid frame, but after a few scouting hikes in n northern Montana I would never not want the frame. So much versatility. I have the F1 with the vapor 2500.
I questioned whether or not I would find the rifle scabbard useful for me until I slid my shooting stick between the batwings and the frame and it was a perfect place to carry it. And pulling it out with my pack still on we was very efficient. I bow hunt more but nice to know I can secure my rifle and still have quick access to it. Nice job guys. On a side note...we stopped in you Boise store back in May on our way back home to Kalispell and I can't remember who was working that day but he was very helpful. I had just bought a new Kuiu pack last
Year and after trying on that F1 frame i was sold.
Again, nice job!


Aaron K.
High quality

Haven’t had a chance to use the pack yet but fitting it and wearing it around the house it seems very well made and well thought out. Heavy duty zippers on the bat wings and the f1 pack sits well, has air flow and is comfortable. Now time to dirty it up with some elk meat!

Batwing times 2

Recently purchased these for my main frame. They are a great addition. My spotting scope fits on one side and a bladder in the other with misc layers rolled up.

Frederick H.

Have not used yet but will be part of my equipment in Colorado and Alaska. Top notch quality as usual for Eberlestock. Got them for my F1 frame and Vapor pack.

Ted A.
Needs Little Improvements

The Batwing is a great concept, but it has very limited amount of storage, if it were about a couple of inches deeper and an inch taller it would be more useful. Additional molles wouldn’t hurt either and the zippers are too long that it has tendencies ti get tangled up in the bush, other than that it’s a great attachment to the F1.

Benjamin G.
Great product

Plenty of room for a day hunt

Joseph J.
Almost perfect… Batwing and F1 frame pack

I ordered 2 batwing pouches to use with my F1 frame pack. Main purpose was to build a system for whitetail that I could easily tailor to western hunting. I used the batwing pouches for spring turkey not packing anymore than 40 lbs on it at any given time. They proved ample space and carried very well on my back. They only improvement I have is to incorporate a zipper keeper mechanism for both the zippers that attach the pouches to the frame and to each other (only one side has a zipper retention clip, the other side and center connection zipper between the two pouches you’ll have to figure out on your own)

In the end I would buy again but the retention clips would make it that much better.