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Konfigūruojamas paminkštintas pagrindinis skyrius, žurnalų maišeliai ir laikikliai

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R1 Bang Bang™ buvo sukurtas kaip kompaktiškas krepšys, kuriame tilps visi būtiniausi drabužiai ir jis apsaugotas nuo elementų. Dėl polikarbonato pagrindo R1 nepraleidžia šlapios žemės, akmenų, šiukšlių ir dulkių. Pagrindiniame skyriuje yra konfigūruojami, paminkštinti skirstytuvai, kad medicinos reikmenys, įrankiai, fotoaparato įranga ir diapazono įranga būtų saugūs ir tvarkingi. Apatinis dėklas puikiai tinka rankiniams ginklams, įrankiams ar net kompaktiškam karabinui.

We are confident that we fulfill every order with the utmost quality, accuracy and timely delivery. In the event that we do not meet any of your expectations, we are happy to return or exchange items that comply with our simple guidelines



  • Tūris: 2062,5 c.i.
  • Svoris: 4 svarai
  • Matmenys: 10,25 A x 21 W x 10 D7


  • Polikarbonato apatinis korpusas
  • Paminkštintas konfigūruojamas pagrindinis skyrius
  • Reguliuojami pečių diržai 
  • Pritaikomi organizacijos skirstytuvai
  • Rūsio skyrius saugiam daiktų laikymui

Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
Michael W.
Comp shooter

The bag is laid out perfectly for what I need. I love the hard bottom for matches where I’m
Putting the bag down in thenmid or on grass.

Bang bang bag

This bag has plenty of room for all your essential gear. Tools, cleaning eat, etc. I like the plastic bottem and storage. All around best bag I’ve had for the range. I have been into shooting sports for 50 years, this bag has it all!

Luis G.
This bag f*cks!

Yooooo!!! This bag is expansive AF! However, I’ve often forgotten pertinent items to a successful range trip. Nothing is worse than arriving at the range, and realized you’ve forgotten your earpro, eyepro, etc! This bag meets the design goals for a complete organized range trip that’s robust enough to handle all my equipment. All the compartments are useful and functional. One of my favorite features is the bottom compartment, i use it to store my targets along with my staple gun. The molle straps around the bag are really useful if you want to add additional items. This bag def helps me keep all my items well organized to ensure I have a blast at the range. Don’t fumble around with all your loose items at the range Like a fool and just buy it!

Antoine S.

Simply awesome

Andrew T.T.
So far so good

using this as a soft rear rack bag on my motorcycle which is fantastic carry for hunting and my Henry ar-7 survival

Tyler C.

Great range bag

Jamie E.
Solid construction, a bit smaller on the inside than you think

I really like this, it's a solidly constructed bag with some great features. I was a little surprised given how large it is that it doesn't hold as much as you think, however you can expand it by attaching the Large Padded Accessory Pouch to the front/back. All in all a great bag, worth the money. Pouch URL:

Awesome Bag!!

I ordered the first Bang Bang bag from Eberlestock some time ago. Excellent design! Exactly what I wanted. Then my wife noticed it. I wound up buying one for her as well! I have ordered several bags, never disappointed.

Jake E.
Amazing bag

The velcro attached storage deviders are something I didnt even know I needed. The bag feels huge but its not overly big. The side pockets are great for mags, glasses, or headphones or anything else you can throw in there. Overall a great range bag and built super tough!

Steve H.
Great bag

Love this bag. It has a place for everything and is the perfect size. I thought it was going to be too small when I pulled it out but all my stuff fits easily and it doesn’t even seem half full. Very well made and it sits flat and keeps its shape so you can find what you’re looking for. Now my wife wants one.