Long Shoulder Harness

Long Shoulder Harness

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The Long Shoulder Harness can be used to replace the standard harness on most Eberlestock packs.  Works on all packs with removable harness except those with mid-back kidney pads attached to the harness (i.e, its not recommended for J117, J79, V69/90, etc.).

Customer Reviews

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Nathan G.
Perfect upgrade

I'm. It a particularly tall person 5ft 10in. The extra couple inches on the strap made the plastic adjustments ride slightly lower. This made things a smidge more comfortable while carrying heavy loads. Would recommend the upgrade for any pack.

Thomas B.
Why No Attachment Instructions??

Maybe. It readily apparent to most people but I am reasonably intelligent snd I just have to guess as to how to attach this very nice harness on to me Eberlestock rifle scabbard.

It certainly wouldn’t cost you more than a few cents to put an attachment diagram in with the harness.

The product is well made but the requested documentation is non- existent

Rusty S.
Great Harness for taller folks

Excellent fit, well made as all Eberlestock products

Perfect….as usual

I ordered two of these. One was to replace a worn yoke on my pack. The other was to design and make a biathlon-style sling for my rifle. In both cases, it works perfectly, as expected of stuff from Eberlestock.

John B.
Little Brother made a new Friend

The longer harness has created a comfort for north of 30 lb. loads that simply didn't exist. For larger, broader men, it will feel like a completely new experience.The harness fits as if it's shipped with the pack. I made a good decision.

Brian D.
Long shoulder harness

I recently purchased the A4SS tactical scabbard, and I’m using the shoulder harness to make a light, quick, “run and gun” scabbard pack!