F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET
F1 Mainframe - OUTLET

F1 Mainframe - OUTLET

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The Most Versatile Pack Ever

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The primary base platform for the EMOD™ system with a constantly growing number of accessories. Build it up to be a multi-day expedition pack, or go in light so you can come out heavy.

Tested to hold more than 700 lbs., this ultra-rugged frame utilizes top of the line zippers to allow the attachment of a variety of packs and accessories to fit any backcountry hunt. The F1 Mainframe™ is fully adjustable and completely user configurable with endless combinations.


  • Use the Vapor 2500 or 5000 for any length adventure with ultra-light considerations. 
  • Use 2 Batwings when you plan to go in light and come out heavy. Stay quick, light, and mobile with the Batwings. They are intuitive and make packing out meat simple.


  • Pair with the Super Spike Duffel or Dry Bag with Batwings for a 2-4 day hunt. Pack all of your gear into the backcountry and when you reach camp and drop your gear, unzip the duffel or dry bag and hunt in your ultralight Batwing setup.
  • If you like the organization and function of a backpack, the new Vapor 5000 is the ideal choice for a 2-5 day trip. Allows for top-loading or front-loading access and use the Mainframe when it is time for some heavy lifting.

EMOD Compatible

Load Bearing

Meat Hauler

Intex II Frame

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The Vapor Series

Available in three size options — the Vapor Series redefines ultralight hunting.

Batwing Pouch

The perfect option to build a minimlaist day pack.

Pairing the Mainframe with Packs

See some of the most popular setup options with the Mainframe.


  • Weight: 4 lbs 5 oz
  • Dimensions: 26"h x 11"w


  • Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz
  • Dimensions: 29.5" x 11"w


  • Built-in Grapple compression straps
  • Zippered attachment points
  • MOLLE webbing matrix on main panel
  • Adjustable ladder harness system


  • Tall version is 3.5" taller than the regular size
  • Designed for those with torso lengths measuring 19 inches or longer
  • Tall Mainframe is compatible with the same accessories and packs as regular Mainframe

Customer Reviews

Based on 558 reviews
Darrin K.
F-1 frame review

I needed a new pack, my Alice pack just wasn’t cutting it. I spent nearly 6 months investigating and reviewing, listening to guys I work with talk about all their gear “You need X pack from X or you’re gonna regret it.” They had $600 packs from other companies. I decided to buy the F-1 based on a video I saw on YouTube. So I took the plunge, got the frame and the batwings for starters. Got it home, fits like a glove. I hike 3 times a week with up to 50 pounds for 4-6 miles in that pack at 7000’ in New Mexico. I’m a fit 51 year old and it’s the best piece of kit. I would tell anyone to investigate because there are several good brands out there, BUT, I love the modular system and ability to flex my options at a moment.

Jeremy B.

You will never need another bag. The 7500 is an absolute beast! If you are questioning it, don’t..

Hunter H.
Built by experts

Very well thought out and durable frame Seemed similar to an alice pack but so much better and comfortable Adjusting the lumbar support and shoulder straps is a breeze. Fits nicely with the G1 Little Brother. I Just wish I had one during my camping trip last fall.

Brandon K.

F1 Mainframe

Versatile. Comfortable. Durable.

Heavy loads feel comfortable. I'm 6'2" tall, and weigh 235 lbs. The pack will adjust to fit me perfectly. F1 Mainframe for the win.

Versatile frame

I purchased an F1 mainframe with Vapour 7500 pack and waterproof scabbard. I just used it on a coastal black bear hunt in BC to haul 70 pounds of black bear meat up a 200 meter steep embankment in one trip. I was able to carry my rifle at the same time in the scabbard to keep my hands free for scrambling. It was very convenient to separate the pack from the frame and switch it to a meat hauler. My hunting partner was impressed that I was able to carry so much up a steep embankment and make it look easy. Even better, I had no issues with a sore back or other lifting-related pain. I am 6 foot 1 and went with the tall version which I think I would recommend for anyone regardless of height for the additional load lifter spacing.

Chad A.
F1 excellence

A back frame that fits my tough apparently weirdly dimensioned body. Finding cloths and gear is always a challenge but the adjustments on this frame makes it feel like it's apart of me, thrilled!

Jason M.
Great frame and pack system.

I have only had the pack for about a month and I already love it. Put my 7 1/2 year old on the frame and hiked him around shed hunting. We were both extremely comfortable. Wish I would've upgraded years ago. Cant wait to pack an animal out and really test it.

Sean C.
This Frame is Bad to the Bone

This frame is bad to the bone. My fiance sits on the meat shelf and holds on to the top handle and we go for hikes. If she gets sleepy just wrap a compression strap around her and your good to go. NO better way to train than with your partner and NO better way to get in shape then carry her around on your back. Especially when you live at 6,800 ft elevation. This pack gives no discomfort while carrying heavy loads. The pad feels good on my lower back and shoulders feel great. Perfect width and height so you aren't banging your head on it on accident and it's not sticking outside of your body. Plenty of straps and ways to customize. Can't wait to see how I have it set up this fall.
It's my second pack from Eberlestock, (my other is a whitetail day pack). This thing is exactly what you want for an everything in one frame. Super adjustable so it sits perfect on your waist and shoulders. Recommend !!

Cody F.
Great product

Mainframe is more comfortable than I imagined and seems very well built/designed