ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET
ButtBucket - OUTLET

ButtBucket - OUTLET

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A multi-functional backpack-able bow carrier



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The ButtBucket is a simple and effective way to add a bow-carry option to the Eberlestock EMOD system, primarily built around the F1 Main Frame, or a number of stand alone packs. Using two simple straps/buckles to loop onto the frame or MOLLE webbing, the ButtBucket will hang below the pack to place the bow on the user's back where it can be reached and released for quick-access without removing the pack. 


  • Weight: 10 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Gabe P.
So far I don't like it

I haven't given up on it yet, but so far it has not lived up to expectations. It is very well made, but I have not figured out how to get my bow off my back easily with the pack loaded. Also once it is removed from the bucket I see no way to put it back without removing the pack, or help from a friend. My previous method of placing the bow across my neck/shoulders is just more comfortable, and easy. I expect this will get put on the shelf until I wind up needing hiking poles for a hunt.

Marco 1.

Very useful with the bow and rifle!

It's a bucket for your butt.

Overall it fills the need I bought it for. Adds a pocket for my rifle butt that I can adjust to the carry height I want. It appears well made but time will tell.

Tim B.
Butt Bucket

Great product cant wait to go elk hunting.

Christopher F.
Bigfoot’s erection fit

I never thought I’d find a Bigfoot. But I did. Hell of a trophy.

Bradley W.
Butt bucket

I have not used it yet but very easy to install and looks to be a solid add on to my pack. Looking forward to trying it out soon.

Jayne H.
Great addition!

I bought this to put on my x2 mainly for carrying my bow during archery season but I also use my x2 pack as my range pack to carry all my gear during prs rimfire matches. My match rifle is pretty heavy and I was a little concerned about the butt bucket holding it securely but it does a great job so that my hands can be free to carry my tripod and optics while walking between stages. I’m really excited to use it during this coming archery season. Also if anyone is a saddle hunter my predator platform fits in the butt bucket pretty perfectly too giving me lots of options for gear carrying.

Jeffrey M.
It doesn't fit all bows

I purchased the ButtBucket to use on my Eberlestock X2 pack. My Mathews V3X does not come close to fitting into it. Bows with wider, flatter and longer limbs will not fit, be sure of sizes when ordering. An old PSE Inertia bow fits perfect. The quality of build and ease of use would be perfect with a matching bow.

Tim G.
Very nice

Exactly what I was looking for

Sean M.
Seems good

It takes some figuring out how to put on the x2. I am still not sure if it is installed the best way. Couldn’t find directions on line.