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Our 2023 Catalog is loaded with all the information you need to take a deep dive into our packs and gear. Free shipping included. Need it now? Download a digital copy.

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Customer Reviews

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Benjamin B.


Andrew S.

Has more information than the website



Kevin D.

Looks great. Lots of info. I really like Eberlestock gear for day hunts, Backcountry hunts, backpacking, day hikes and EDC. Only bad thing about the catalog is it will most likely lead to me spending more money.

Stephen L.
Lost in the Mail

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Montesano, WA 98563

Build on your investment

Buy quality first, that's what we want. Helpful to see how one piece leads to another. System build examples. More on your website? Use AI to match the kit to the equipment needed to be carried? Base rig plus multiple lines or options, customer write ups.

Gavin P.
Great selections

Excellent selection of products tested the quality with the bando bag and was very impressed now to decide what pack is right for me.

Charles J.
2023 catalog

Pictures were great a lot of information. I will he purchasing a recon system soon. Only drawback. I thought there was going to be information about your clothing in it. Thanks Charles

Dan L.
Make the download pdf catalog easy to find FROM THE HOME PAGE.

Grab the digital catalog! If you are new to Eberlestock it will help. Very reasonable 19mb ... archive it. Product lines evolve rapidly. Basic product guidance, tech. specs., options, and price are all there.

I stumbled on the PDF catalog. AFTER an hour stumbling around the products on the site. I found the 'order a catalog' page only with effort. Then in tiny print : 'Want it now ... download a pdf.' I almost missed that link. I had to initiate the download to determine it was a tiny and reasonable 19mb. Last thing I want is another paper catalog.

The digital catalog is worth every byte.

The link to the excellent pdf catalog should be on the HOME PAGE ... easy to find. Eberlestock shopping is very complex. The digital catalog helps. Really!

Food for thought. Products evolve ... web pages vanish.
Keep your downloaded pdf for reference. You can type yourself a note referencing pages in the pdf to help sort thoughts.

The pdf catalog seems to contain the kernels of the products. Much easier to get the grand tour and less trouble than through the web pages ... and seems to cleanly present all the vital products when I flip live to pdf and compare.

The first several minutes using the Eberlestock very sophisticated web page sucked up 30 mb ... and I had nothing to reference.

Now if I could only figure out which Eberlestock pack I actually saw in real life .... probably an older model.

Is there a past catalog archive?

Eberlestock is an entirely differrent approach to packs ... for someone that started with Kelty external frame long ago and graduated to Gregory .... this is a VERY different product line. Took me two minutes to use my old Kelty. Gregory's packs each had to be fit ..
The level of available customization in Eberrlestock is huge... a product of the military products.

Perhaps it is possible now to actually get a pack to fit my 6'8" body AND be tailored to the equipment I actually use.

NICE camoflage options for those that don't want to be a red, yellow or blue dot visible from three miles away.