38mm x 12" Strap Extensions

38mm x 12" Strap Extensions

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*Please note, these are not compatible with the F1 Mainframe. For Mainframe extension straps you will want to use the ACSL Accessory straps.

Set of three compression strap extenders. These will work on any Eberlestock pack with 38mm Dual Stealth buckles. Use them to get a little more reach around massive loads. For example, if you really jam-pack a J-type pack and have fully stuffed Super Spike Duffel mounted to the outside, you'll probably want these extension straps! Available in Dry Earth only, to match the trim on all of our newer hunting packs, and many of our tactical packs.


  • Weight: 3 oz

*Please note, the ACSE uses 38 mm buckles and are not compatible with the F1 Mainframe. For Mainframe extension straps you will want to use the ACSL Accessory straps.

Customer Reviews

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M. S.

38mm x 12" Strap Extensions

Greg S.
Too short

Nice straps but they're way too small to do anything with. By the time you make a loop, run it through the buckle, you've only got a few inches of usable strap. I should have thought that through more.

Jack G.
Accessory Straps

Just what I was looking for to secure gear to the bottom of my FAC Track pack I purchased for work.

David F.

Great to use, you can also combine several to extend the length needed.

Peter T.

I purchased the three pack to extend a plate carrier and a duty vest. Worked perfect with a little cutting and adjusting. Good quality.Everything stays where it’s supposed to when adjusted. I’m a big boy and finding products to fit is impossible. Again, good quality products.

main compression strap extensions 38mm X 12"

These are a fantastic addition to the pack. I can now cinch down an elk quarter
and then some without breaking my fingers snapping the buckles.Now if you could just get the front straps back in stock, my pack will be complete.

Nick T.
Extensions work good

Extensions work good. But if you came out with more of backcoacking style backpack for the F1 mainframe that would be awesome. If you made it so the bag had a separate compartment for a sleeping bag and a compartment for everything else the system would be perfect

Edward c.
To strap or not to strap

These straps didn’t fit anything on my m1 pack

Bobby F.
Mainframe strap extensions

Extensions work great and are as tough as everything else eberlestock makes.

bummed about ( lack of ) color matching option

i have beauty full ( formerly ) all black bags w brown straps . at least they work great and are attached to some amazingly well designed and well built ( now super ) functional bags . cheers . p s ~ stealth refers to style of buckle ( which is probably in fine print on all of yours ) so these cant connect to my multicam bag from them from about a decade ago so ensure you are ordering right