Endo G-type Internal Frame

Endo G-type Internal Frame



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The AGIF Endo Frame is a great addition to many of our daypacks. Most of our smaller packs have classic internal small-pack frames called framesheets. These plastic sheets are well suited to their purpose, but sometimes our customers will want more structure. The Endo is the answer to this need; when inserted into the main load area of a pack, it nestles into the back corner, placing it alongside the main frame panel. Once there, the pack is transformed into a much more structured pack, with vertical and lateral rigidity. The great thing about this concept is that it adds very little weight to the pack, you can't feel any difference in comfort when the pack is on your back, and there is no noise associated with the frame.

The Endo has a subtle contour designed to enhance the lumbar support of our packs, and to follow the natural arc of the wearer's mid-upper back.


  • Weight: 4 oz

Customer Reviews

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Jim S.
Transformed my Transformer

Wanted to stiffen up my Transformer pack a bit, and the G frame was just the thing.

David F.
Great replacement

This may be one of Eberlestock's stranger revues, I bought this frame to replace one from an older model. I had to cut it down a bit, because they don't make one smaller, then bent it a bit and made it fit. It shaved 6 ounces from the old one, not much to some people but it you are one that backpacks a lot...

Dirk w.B.

Fit perfectly work great

Donelson P.
Pack additions to make this stay in place would be 5 stars.

Just installed this plus the Tactical Scabbard in my Little Brother pack. Customer service said they would co-exist if I installed the frame in the main compartment instead of the Scabbard tunnel. I tried to fit both the Scabbard and Endo into the Scabbard tunnel but it wouldn't stay unless you zip up the tunnel, forcing the removal of the Scabbard. There really isn't any place to secure the frame in place, inside the main compartment. There is no videos showing how to install in either the tunnel or compartment. The frame does stiffen the pack some but causes the Scabbard to become super tight when dawned and Rifle inserted. I'm afraid it will damage my optic, plus the rifle will cause a protrusion in the pack that will hit you in all your pressure points in your back with the frame installed inside the main compartment. Maybe a little help or guidance is what I need. Otherwise it's exactly what you expect from Eberlestock. Rugged and light weight, with high quality materials.


Eberlestock reached out to me and helped resolve the problem for the most part. However the fact the little brother or many other packs have no way to properly secure this Frame inside the pack leaves much room for improvement.

Nick N.
Endo Internal Frame

Purchased for my son's Big Brother pack, stiffens the pack substantially and is very lightweight. He is current active army and is using on his rucks, loves it!


I added this to my little brother pack and it made a big difference. It was tight putting it into the scabbard tunnel.

Frank N.
Really makes a difference.

I purchased this for my little brother bag that is part of my war hammer bag. It has made a huge difference. Makes it rigid enough to stand up. Lightweight yet sturdy.

Shane B.
Endo G type frame

Fit is good, adds stability to the little brother pack.highly recommend

Mike M.
Cant use but good product

I misread the question and answers regarding the product and after receiving the frame found out it didnt fit my switchback pack. Totally my fault. However, I used it in another (cheap) pack successfully and it seems to work well. It is a nice light weight addition to provide some rigidity to a pack without a frame.

Kevin L.
Solid fit

I’m my opinion the bag can work fine without it - but I did want something with a bit more stability. Some might find the lack of structure in the lil’ brother a design flaw.

Anyway, this is a cheap, light, and effective solution to resolving the structure issue.

Loved the lil’ brother before. Love it even more now.