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A multi-functional backpack-able bow carrier



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The ButtBucket is a simple and effective way to add a bow-carry option to the Eberlestock EMOD system, primarily built around the F1 Main Frame, or a number of stand alone packs. Using two simple straps/buckles to loop onto the frame or MOLLE webbing, the ButtBucket will hang below the pack to place the bow on the user's back where it can be reached and released for quick-access without removing the pack. 


  • Weight: 10 oz

Customer Reviews

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Tyler E.
Doesn't fit V3X

Well made product and attaches easy to my X2 pack. Unfortunately the bucket doesn't fit my Mathews V3X bow.

Dave D.
Initial thoughts

I have not had the chance to install this on my pack and test it out yet. One concern that I do have is that I may not be able to use this as a bow carrier with the super spike duffle attached to my pack. I'm guessing that the duffle will stick out too far. I need to load up my pack and experiment with this. So far I have been using a bow sling and I can't wait to try hiking with my bow in this carrier.


Just what I needed for attaching my bow to my Kite pack. Super simple setup, highly quality and durable materials, and love how quick my bow goes from secured to the pack to in my hand and ready to go. Would recommend to anyone looking for a simple way to pack in their bow.

Francis M.
Rifle bucket

This works very good to cary my rifle. And bow. I would also get extra straps to fully secure the weapon.

Brian K.
Awesome addition

Awesome addition to the main frame system. Will allow me to carry my bow on a Muskox hunt in AK.

Butt bucket

I haven’t used the bucket yet, however like all Eberlestock gear I’m sure it will work well.

Patrick N.
Hoyt bows in Bow Bucket

3 stars. Like the idea. Don't trust the fit. My RX4 and Spyder are very flat and pretty much just set on top of the bow bucket. My PSE Axe fits fine. The bucket is not wide enough to hold the limb captive on Hoyts. Just kind of holds the cam in. Will use it for a rifle rest I guess. Bought for X2. I now own the M5 RMEF also. It has a pouch that unzips and turns zipper inside out, making a better carrier for the Hoyts. It is more narrow than the bucket and seems to hold the cam area better. Bummed on the accessory bucket. Going to have to experiment to get it functional.

Jerome J.
My overview

The product came in a timely manner and was as described. I have it attached to a pack at the moment and it holds my Ruger Precision .308 with the butt stock folded and extended. I have not put it through any trials as of yet so I can only give it 4 stars!!

Tim G.
Bow bucket

Worked as advertised. Will use it to carry my rifle with large 50mm optics as well on my j34 pack

Mark C.

I purchased a Buttbucket with my X2.
Pro's: the X2 and the Buttbucket appear to be sturdily constructed. I love how the base of the buttbucket threads through the bottom of the X2 Molle straps. It's very snug.
Con's: I was hoping that it would work as a shown in their ButtBucket video. I can not, by myself, reach my bow when my X2 is fully loaded. See the photo. The pack is too far (thick) away from my bow. Unless you are built like an orangutan or you are a contortionist you won't be able to execute a quick draw for you bow single handedly. I can, without problem, unclip the strap, but cannot reach the bow. Therefore quickly deploying my bow single handed is a non starter. I must drop my X2 pack, then remove the bow from the pack. On the plus side, it holds the bow securely when I am hiking, but you must realize that there is no quick draw option with a full pack.
Additionally with a full pack, adding the bow to the buttbucket moves the center of gravity pretty far aft making it somewhat uncomfortable. If I stand comfortably erect, I feel like I'm likely to topple backwards. Therefore I must bend forward from my hips which feels awkward. If your X2 is lightly loaded, meaning loaded with a very skinny load, then it would be both accessible and comfortably loaded.
Also for several reasons I don't care for the design you are using to attach the quick disconnect buckle to the shoulder straps. Threading the quick disconnect buckle through the diagonal eberlestock logo strap makes now sense to me. That causes the strap to bunch up into the corner of the diagonal logo strap. I believe you should either use a smaller quick disconnect buckle that will fit through the current D-rings or replace the D-rings with larger D-rings that will accommodate the current quick disconnect buckle. It appears to me that the quick disconnect strap was added as an afterthought rather than intentionally designed to work with the X2 pack. See the photo's below.
Also I had to call Eberlestock to figure how to attach the quick disconnect strap. Instructions or photos would have been handy. I kept trying to fit the quick disconnect buckle through the D-ring like it did on the other side of the strap. It never occurred to me that it was to be attach through the diagonal eberlestock logo strap.
Also the quick disconnect strap is too short to reach from the shoulder straps through my bow when the pack is fully loaded. Therefore I had to lengthen my quick disconnect strap by attaching the "Lock Down" strap to the quick disconnect to reach around my fully loaded pack. The buckles therefore cause a "kink" in the strap. They don't smoothly slide around the bow's riser.
Lastly the mid span adjustable length buckle couldn't be more inconvenient. I cannot reach the strap to shorten it because it is not accessible at all. To fit my pack comfortably, I first buckle the waist strap and adjust the height and length of it. Then adjust at the shoulder straps, Then I adjust the load lifer straps. Finally then I must get another person to snug the quick disconnect strap because I can lot reach it by myself. I don't pre snug the quick disconnect strap because doing so prevents me from getting a pack optimally secured. May I suggest lengthening the strap at least an additional foot and you move the adjustable length buckle in either location in the strap as shown in the photo. That way it may be adjusted by the wearer not an additional person. I frequently hunt alone.
Eberlestock, please call if you have any questions. Additionally I would be happy to test the recommendations I have suggested here. Be well.

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