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Airbase Base Layer - Bottom
Airbase Base Layer - Bottom
Airbase Base Layer - Bottom

Airbase Base Layer - Bottom

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Made for Eberlestock in Finland by people who know how to stay warm when it’s cold, this is the best next-to-skin layer in the world. Polypropylene is widely known as the best wicking fabric, but even with traditional polypropylene you can feel periods of damp chill when your body builds a layer of sweat or you simply get wet. But with the Airbases big air pockets, you have nothing contacting the majority of your skin surface, while adjacent polypropylene wicks moisture, so you always feel dry. You can wear pretty much anything over the top of it and feel comfortable and dry, in any weather. And if you’re out on a day that gets hotter, you simply expose the base layer and, voila, you get instant full-blown cooling. So you can literally wear this stuff right into a warm day, and regulate your temperature more easily than with any other garment. Made of polypropylene with silver ion scent control. Pants are full length with elastic waist band and knit cuffs.


  • Color: Gray

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Customer Reviews

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Great...please modify

This works as advertised. I hunt in hot and humid MS and can attest that it keeps you warm and cools you off. Worked up a sweat climbing a difficult tree. Pulled up my pants to air out then back down. Light wt and barely there!

Beat me up to write a review!

I hate pushy vendors for reviews. Tried a couple times at different temperatures/layering combinations. Seems to provide warmth. Dries quickly except for cuff areas.


Never thought I'd be into wearing fishnets but I've never felt so warm and sexy sneaking around the woods!

Great Product

Eyed this for awhile and happy I finally pulled the trigger. First impression was that it was overall going to be too light and cool. However after using it in wide variety of conditions I've found it to be my go to base layer. Essentially it makes any of your other layers perform better across a wide array of conditions and you forget your even wearing it. I've noticed I'm more comfortable, less sweaty, and drier when I wear these. During extended stretches of extreme cold I put these on under my heavier, looser thermals for a perfect set up.

Airbase in mining

I purchased a set of Airbase Base Layer top and bottom to wear under my rubberized nylon rainwear that I wear when working in an underground gold mine. Airbase kept me comfortable in all conditions, wet or dry, and kept me from the clammy feeling from wearing only rainwear.