Stealth Rifle Chassis

Stealth Rifle Chassis

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For complete information, please see our main webpage. (Click on our logo, then on the Rifle Stocks link).Your Stealth Chassis can be configured in several ways, to allow you to choose the version that meets your preferences. Options include folding or fixed stock, solid or perforated forestock, and short or long action (see M1B). If you like the clean look of the solid "Slick" forestock, but want the option of adding Picatinny rails, you can use our proprietary clamp system. Or, if you want to set up your rig with fixed components that you'll always leave in place, you can choose the perforated forestock with bolt-on rails. Or if you prefer the look of the perforated stock but want to easily be able to slide components on and off, choose the perforated forestock with the clamp system.

[If you choose the KeyMod forestock please note: the Stealth forestocks inside-diameter is 1.38". KeyMod accessories penetrate into the interior of the space a varying amount, depending on the manufacturer. Generally this means that theyll work only with more-tapered sporting barrels, but not with heavier target or sniper-type barrels. Before ordering a Keymod forestock wed recommend that you measure the protrusion of your accessory, the diameter of your barrel, and do the math to make sure it will work].

The Stealth Chassis is designed as a bolt-on accessory to match standard barreled actions. If you do not see your action listed as an option, we do not offer it. The chassis system does not include a rifle.

The Stealth Chassis System includes: Chassis with all fitments including forestock, cheek rest, grip, and butt plate; one magazine (AI-Type) used for Model 700 chassis. Other actions tailored, TBA); one set of action screws.

Base price is for a chassis to fit a Remington Model 700 action, with Slick forestock and folding main joint. Choosing other options will modify the price.

  • Actual Weight: 4 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensional Weight: 18 lbs