Phantom - OUTLET
Phantom - OUTLET
Phantom - OUTLET
Phantom - OUTLET
Phantom - OUTLET
Phantom - OUTLET

Phantom - OUTLET

The quintessential sniper pack

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Designed as the quintessential sniper pack, the Phantom™ offers the ability to remove the bag and straps from the rifle scabbard, which can then be combined with the buttcover to make a drag bag with its dedicated drag loop. The Phantom is a front-loader with various sized pockets for organization and MOLLE inside and out for adding on any pouches you might need. A fold-down shelf can be used to divide the main compartment into upper and lower chambers.

Included Rain Fly

Rifle Carry

3 Day Pack

EMOD Compatible

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  • Volume: 2213 c.i.
  • Weight: 9lbs 6oz
  • Dimensions: 24.5H x 19W x 10.5W
  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 10"W x 3"D, 26" circumference opening


  • Removable Tactical Weapon Scabbard
  • Stowable rain fly included
  • Included buttcover with scabbard
  • Internal MOLLE and organization shelf

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Nancy K.J. (California)

very worthwhile product!!!

Bode W. (Alabama)
Awesome Products

Purchased a bag and a few accessories for my sons birthday. He loves it all and has a list of additional items.

IRD (Utah)
Precision Shooting Backpack

I bought the G3 Phantom as my precision shooting bag and it was exactly what I was hoping for. I was able to put my Leupold Santiam 27-55x80mm straight spotting scope in one outside pocket and my Leupold Carbon Fiber Tripod in the other. The top zipper pouch holds my Walker Slim Razor ear pro and my Oakley Shooting glasses case perfectly. In the main pouch I have plenty of room for my Edgewood rear bag (16lbs loaded with heavy sand), Cole-Tac Ammo Novel with 120 rounds, Atlas Bipod, Sig Kilo 3000 binos in their chest harness, Kestrel Pouch, Wheeler compact took kit, Dewalt Carbon Fiber stapler, and a Wiebad zipper pouch with various other tools and small items. Those smaller items are held in with mesh retention area in the top compartment. There are other numerous pockets in the inside I haven't even found specific uses for. In the outside pouch, I can keep my Dope Book and another notebook I use for recording load data. The rifle scabbard holds my Competition Machine Chassis Rifle with a 26" Barrel outfitted with a 5-25x56 Nightforce ATACR. It is a heavy pack even without the rifle, but I am able to get it all to the firing line in one package like I wanted. I still have plenty of room for a minimal shooting mat and a rain jacket in the side pockets. I could easily expect to carry this for several miles during a match if I had to.

Jeff H. (Texas)
Ok pack, poor scabbard

Overall the pack seems ok. Lots of bull in the straps and waist belt, wish you could remove the lower back pad (straps and pad are half the bill when trying to stow it in my patrol car.

Disappointed in the rifle scabbard, I was under the impression it was a complete scabbard, not just a partial sleeve with a loose two piece cap. I had planned on keeping my rifle in this for rapid deployment but the scabbard is nowhere close to secure enough for that.

Dan B. (New York)
Extremely high quality

The bag is made to last for sure and seems very well put together and durable. The rifle scabbard separates much easier than anticipated as well. It can carry a 25 pound prs rifle with a 26 inch barrel very easily. The only criticism I might offer is that the main ouch is smaller than it seems. When the bag is laid flat on its back I thought it would be taller and have a bit more room in the main compartment. With the decoder in place a full size game changer and schmedium game changer take up one of the two available spaces completely. The large side pouches make up for the lack of bulk storage in the main compartment. I realize many people won’t have items that bulky but I bought this for a prs bag. I do believe I will be able carry everything I intend to in this pack with out a problem but there won’t me much room to spare.

Swan (New Jersey)
Comfort, Quality, Purpose

Overall this pack is everything you need. Acting as a 3 day pack it’s the difference of a medium ruck and an assault pack. It can fit everything you need for every mission type including recce missions. The detachable scabbard is great for the long gun and the side pockets are capable of storing larger optics, liquid bladder, a tripod, and camouflage/concealment netting.

The quality and attention to detail is what you expect, top notch. It includes zipper tie downs, pocket linings, Velcro separation shelf, and a detachable netting pocket.

This pack is comfortable with and without the scabbard. Loaded with weight while wearing a plate carrier it’s still more comfortable than most rucks or packs I’ve used. Downside is the difficulty releasing the tension straps when wearing it high and tight with a kit.

Sergii F. (Illinois)

G3 Phantom

The M. (Georgia)

Purchased primary for range days, elk hunting, hiking and PRS events. The main compartment has a lot of room. There are small pockets at the top of the main storage compartment on the sides, but very small as in barely big enough for a pistol magazine or a knife and not sure what they are for. It would not be easy to get a magazine in and out of them because they are so close to the top. There are storage pockets under a radio mesh screen that buckles. I'd prefer if it was removable from the bag. The external side pockets with buckled tops are cavernous with smaller compartments under them with elastic band top. One thing I really like is between the side pockets and the main bag are deep slots that run the entire side length of the bag. I can put a 25" tripod in it and secure it down with cinch straps. I've removed the scabbard because I see myself using that for elk hunting. The belt and shoulder harness are pretty comfortable, so far. One thing this bag doesn't lack are MOLLE straps. I've never seen so many on a bag. Only three things I've found that I would improve are those inside pockets and remove the radio mesh, include some MOLLE pouches for the cost of the G3 and provide an instruction book/video on how to operate this bag, lol! It is complex with a lot going on with buckets, straps, MOLLE, zippers, scabbards, compartments. I did buy the pack mount shooting rest and attached it to the MOLLE system on the main compartment flap. The G3 is very durable and extremely well made and research shows it has been in use by LEO and MIL snipers for a long time. I'm not using it for that, but it fits my needs.

Devin H. (Minnesota)
Phantom g3

Very nice pack. Color me satisfied

Vince F. (California)
Great pack, versatile and well built!

I use this pack extensively and love it's versatility and modular design. The scabbard is functional and attaches nicely to the load bearing belt and harness. If I'm at the range or weekend match, this pack goes with me. As always, the quality is top notch!