M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame

M1 Carrier Frame

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The most versatile pack ever. Acts as a base for building an EMOD system

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The M1 Carrier is the most compact base pack in the EMOD - Eberlestock Modular System - and serves as an incredible load bearing system.  Designed to be as functional, durable and lightweight as a frame can get, the possibilities with the Carrier are endless. 

It features laser-cut MOLLE, allowing you all the benefits of standard MOLLE while saving weight, as well as the laser-cut Utility Panel. The Utility Panel attaches to the frame in eight locations using the Hookup System, making it quick and easy to grapple items to the frame. Similar to the F1 Mainframe, the Carrier also features two full length zippers so you can zip compatible packs, duffels, and accessories directly to it.



    These lightweight setups are easy to use and give you a heavy-duty pack frame with a lightweight pack.
    • Zip two Batwings straight onto the Carrier Frame and hold it in place with the M1 Utility Panel.
    • Use either a combo or standard Hook-Up Kit and add the Kite or Switchblade packs to your frame. When you need to pack meat, move the hook-up kit from the front loops to the back loops to create space on the frame. 


    • Pair with the Spike Duffel or Dry Bag with Batwings for a 2-4 day hunt. This flexible set up allows you to pack all of your gear into the backcountry and when you reach camp and drop your gear, unzip the duffel or dry bag and hunt in your ultralight Batwing setup.
    • If you want to hunt with camp on your back, pair the Little Brother with 2 Batwings. Simply zip the batwings to the frame and leave them unzipped in the middle. Put the Little Brother in place and then zip the Batwings to the zippers on the front of the LIttle Brother. Plenty of space for 3-6 days in the field.

      (*Note: your purchase includes the Carrier Frame with Utility Panel. Other accessories shown in some pictures sold separately).

      Recommended for: 

      • Hunting | Military Assault Pack | Load Carry 

      Recommended Add-Ons:


      • Intex tubular aluminum modular frame system
      • Hookup system
      • Zippered attachment points compatible with our duffel's, dry-bags, and more.
      • Full laser-cut MOLLE matrix covers main panel to attach scabbards, pouches, etc.
      • Laser-cut MOLLE Utility panel with eight ladder lock hook attachment points.
      • Adjustable ladder harness system. Makes customizing the fit quick and easy.
      • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.


      • Weight: 4 lbs and 1 oz.
      • Dimensions: 23"h x 11"w

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 18 reviews
      The EMOD's killer backbone

      The M1 is as comfortable and shooter-friendly as promised. Stellar load carrier. Coupled with the Vapor 5000 it'll get a monster workout this fall in the Caribou Targhee. The EMOD system is as well designed as it is executed. Thanks Eberlestock. Sandmann

      Minimalist's Dream: M1 Carrier Frame

      Great design. I use it for rucksack training with a 45 pound ruck weight plate while trail blazing. The comfort is unmatched. And the versatility is even more so unmatched. Cannot wait to pack out a quartered-out elk with this thing... As minimalist hunter, I have simply strapped the H7 Dagger to the face and I am carrying all that I need for a long day in the field. Thanks Eberlestock.

      Great Quality, but limited fit

      At 6'2", this carrier is too short to fit me even at full adjustment. Normally, I run 20.5 torso. Hope they make a tall version of this some day...

      Good news is that I returned the pack (meticulously cared for while I did fitting) and received a full refund.

      Carries well.

      The fit and finish is excellent. It carries excellent with 45 lbs so far. I'm not overly happy with how the two batwing bags zip together with the dry bag... it leaves a big bulky space open behind the dry bag. I also don't care for how the straps attach... they come loose a lot when you're taking things out of the bag and don't have it tight.

      M1 Carrier Frame - most comfortable pack and versatile

      For an Asian guy at 1.7m tall, this frame fits comfortably after making a few adjustment. Well build, and light.