RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest
RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest
RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest
RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest
RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest

RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest

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Allows you to adjust for both azimuth and elevation while looking through the sights

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For long range accuracy, a stabilizing rest of some sort is a fundamental item. This has led the community from resting on rocks to resting on back- packs (of which we approve)... and we now move from resting on bipods or shooting sticks to something that simply works better. Traditional bipods have several limitations: first, you have a narrow field of fire, restricted to the geometry of your body position vs. bipod elevation and position. To adjust things, you have to drag the bipod through the dirt, and you have to come off your gun to make rough changes to elevation. There is no fine tuning. In the end, you either scrunch, or lift your torso in order to get the sights on target. Enter the RASR ™ Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest. Simple to set up, it allows you to adjust for both azimuth and elevation while looking through the sights, while staying on the gun. You easily and smoothly adjust to the situation, even to include radical declivity shooting. It opens up a whole new window of targeting that you cant comfortably get without a highly adjustable rest.

The next great advantage to the RASR is that it eliminates bipod skip. Your rifle makes a more natural recoil, so that follow-up shots take very little readjusting.
Got an obstacle, such as tall grass, brush, or a berm to shoot over? The RASR comes with a set of extension rods that allow you to set up very stable sitting and kneeling positions, both of which are superior to using shooting sticks, to say nothing of keeping away from offhand shots.

Use with any standard bipod (sold separately).

    RASR Product Demo Video

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Steadyness issue

    I've always had an issue with shot set up. Whether target practice or hunting. This has solved the target practice. I haven't had it out hunting yet.
    The four stars rating is based on the fact that there is no carrying case for the additional components.
    Luckily, my wife is a crafty and made a stitched canvas roll-up to store them in. Done in such a way that they are easy to get at and are silent in transit.

    Love this product.

    I Love this product. I have used it for two years as a hunting guide. Every client that uses it wants to buy one. If you have ever found yourself fumbling with a bipod trying to get the right height. Just to give up and make the shot in an awkward position. Then you need this product. For prone shooting in a matter of seconds you can have the rifle comfortable and on target. Like all the Products that Eberlestock make The craftsmanship and design is amazing.


    RASR Rapid Acquisition Shooting Rest

    A bit cumbersome and missing something practical

    I have owned the RASR for about 4 years. There are so many parts with this item that there should really be a carry bag, maybe something to where there are individual sleeves for each post and a spot for the yoke and the body of the rest along with the bi-pod. A bag that you can role up and secure in your pack. This would keep all the parts in one place and be more tactical.

    Not for me

    Well make product but I could not get it to work smoothly for me. Maybe it was the heavy .338 LM or not working with it enough but went back to the bipods for prone shots. May be better for sitting or knee position.