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M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame
M1 Carrier Frame

M1 Carrier Frame

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The M1 Carrier is the most compact base pack in the EMOD - Eberlestock Modular System - and serves as an incredible load bearing system.  Designed to be as functional, durable and lightweight as a frame can get, the possibilities with the Carrier are endless. 

It features laser-cut MOLLE, allowing you all the benefits of standard MOLLE while saving weight, as well as the laser-cut Utility Panel. The Utility Panel attaches to the frame in eight locations using the Hookup System, making it quick and easy to grapple items to the frame. Similar to the F1 Mainframe, the Carrier also features two full length zippers so you can zip compatible packs, duffels, and accessories directly to it.


    • Intex tubular aluminum modular frame system
    • Hookup system
    • Zippered attachment points compatible with our duffel's, dry-bags, and more.
    • Full laser-cut MOLLE matrix covers main panel to attach scabbards, pouches, etc.
    • Laser-cut MOLLE Utility panel with eight ladder lock hook attachment points.
    • Adjustable ladder harness system. Makes customizing the fit quick and easy.
    • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty.



    These lightweight setups are easy to use and give you a heavy-duty pack frame with a lightweight pack.
    • Zip two Batwings straight onto the Carrier Frame and hold it in place with the M1 Utility Panel.
    • Use either a combo or standard Hook-Up Kit and add the Kite or Switchblade packs to your frame. When you need to pack meat, move the hook-up kit from the front loops to the back loops to create space on the frame. 


    • Pair with the Spike Duffel or Dry Bag with Batwings for a 2-4 day hunt. This flexible set up allows you to pack all of your gear into the backcountry and when you reach camp and drop your gear, unzip the duffel or dry bag and hunt in your ultralight Batwing setup.
    • The Little Big Top is an ideal add-on if you like the organization and function of a backpack and want to do a 2-5 day trip. Allowing for top-loading or front-loading access, the Little Big Top helps you stay organized with plenty of space. Plus, you have the Mainframe when it is time for some heavy lifting.
    • If you want to hunt with camp on your back, pair the Little Brother with 2 Batwings. Simply zip the batwings to the frame and leave them unzipped in the middle. Put the Little Brother in place and then zip the Batwings to the zippers on the front of the LIttle Brother. Plenty of space for 3-6 days in the field.


    • For those who want to get out and stay out, the Big Top is your add-on. Ideal for 5-10 day backcountry stays.
    • Use the Dry Bag and Little Big Top for a 5-10 day hunt. This flexible setup allows you to pack all of your gear into the backcountry and when you reach camp and drop your gear, unzip the dry bag and hunt in your compact Little Big Top setup.


    • Weight: 4 lbs 1 oz
    • Dimensions: 23"h x 11"w

    (*Note: your purchase includes the Carrier Frame with Utility Panel. Other accessories shown in some pictures sold separately).

    How To Properly Fit And Adjust Your Pack

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Perfect pack

    “better than the rest, as they all lack powder coating”...I think. I could probably load it as much as previous packs to see about the stitching (60-90lbs for long walkabout) but likely won’t lol. Okay maybe I will. If I’m out with the dog or another person, and there’s an injury, I could literally dump gear and hoof them out on my back with the m1, I think, probably, if I’m not babying it. I went with the two side pouches which zip to the larger dry bag, and a few accessory pouches which fit to the waist straps for medkit/etc. The only disappointing feature thus far is that I’ll still have to fit the cheapo Trango 2 (11lbser) into the main compartment, as the straps don’t reach that far off the bottom...but basically I could use the pulk sled or just rearrange winter gear : /. Measure out for your needs of course, but you likely can’t do better at the price point than sticking to Eberlestock. I’ve looked at their other packs extensively too, cool beans. They rock! I’m talking kifaru, ul packs, any configured by friends who manufacture packs on the side, or even the specialty packs for shooting. Look at price, load, changes to make, and your next adventure, and look to guess is that I could write stuff forever about them, or show you pictures, but I’m too busy to care and do other stuff for life, this is just an honest shout out in the few minutes I can spare. Warmly - Laboradore.

    excellent fit and weight distribution

    I love this new pack for its excellent weight distribution features. The bull barrel and big glass on my long range 308 win isn't the lightest of setups so being able shift the weight to my hips (previously on my shoulders) is a game changer. I like the ability to shed the rifle scabbard and quickly switch to meat hauling. All in all a winner in my book.

    Excellent pack frame! super adjustable compact and very well built

    Best pack frame I've ever purchased. Great quality!

    Good pack

    Great pack would have given 5 stars if the hip belt was a little bigger.

    Carrier fram

    I was hoping to be able to attach switchback and the large zippered pouches for the frame. But you cannot do both at once.