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J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One
J34 Just One

J34 Just One

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Watch the in-depth pack overview video below.

This is the latest version of the pack that started a gear revolution, the legendary Just One.  As in, "if you're going to own just one hunting pack, own a Just One."  It's extremely versatile and comes with the hallmark patented features that make Eberlestock packs unique.

Starting at an ultra-compact 2300 cubic inches, the built-in Cam Expansion system expands it to 4600. Add a Super Spike Duffel, and you get a 7500 cubic inch load hauler (Spike Duffels sold separately).  The J34 features a built-in hunting rifle-sized Backscabbard, Cam Expansion, streamlined shape, vertically adjustable torso length, waterproof zippers, a high-visibility interior, deep "3D" ventilated padding, scabbard drainage and cleanout access. Strategically placed Padlock Webbing (MOLLE) allows you to mount accessories, and makes excellent perimeter lash points.


  • Compressed Pack Volume : 1,900 c.i.
  • Expanded Pack Volume: 4,200 c.i.
  • Scabbard Volume: 400 c.i.
  • Total Volume: 4,600 c.i.
  • Weight: 7 lbs 8 oz
  • Dimensions (compressed): 25"h x 11"w x 6"d
  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 7"W x 3"D, with a 20" circumference opening

J34 Just One Product Overview Video


How To Properly Fit And Adjust Your Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Many years with the J34

I purchased the J34 Just One, many years ago. I have other packs but the J34 is my go to for hunting. Yes it is a little heavier than what I would like it to be but it's capabilities are worth the couple extra pounds. I have the large spike camp zip on accessory bag and small pouches on the belt for quick access equipment such as game calls and range finders. I have shot a rifle and bow many times while wearing the pack and didn't notice any interference. I have camped and hunted for a week using the expansion capabilities of the spike camp duffel. I can break down a mule deer or an antelope (just did one this week) and pack the entire animal out in one trip. Just load the quarters in game bags, line the pack with a tall kitchen bag then slide the game in. After all the years of hauling out critters, my pack is still clean. Of course get the game out of the plastic bag as soon as you get to the vehicle! My pack still looks great and feels good while hiking.

Didn’t know my back could feel this good

Put in over 12 miles in two days of hunting, and this pack performed like a dream. Super comfortable, and the extra duffle made packing out meat super easy without making the whole pack a mess. The rifle scabbard was so much better then even the most comfortable rifle sling.

J-34 Just One

I currently own a H2 Gunrunner and a Bandit. Both serve well as a day pack
Decided to purchase the J-34, to use for overnight hunting
With the zip in panel and 2 small pouches, on the hip belt, The J-34 came in at almost 11lbs (empty and on my scale)
Just to heavy for a starting point. Loved the lay out and the materials
Just couldn't do the weight


J34 Just One

Excellent versatility with room for improvements

After just 10 hours in the pack I can say that I like the benefits more than the negatives. Sizing adjustments are great, the pack sits incredibly comfortable with a moderate load, and the bow carry is great. Coming from a mountaineering background I wish a few things could be changed: removable rifle sleeve to drop weight, better compression options & thinner fabric over the rifle sleeve area to bring the load closer to your back, simplification of the somewhat redundant number of pouches especially in the brain, and dropping weight with the zipper-style attachment at the rear (if there even is a better option). I do like the expandability/customization allowed by the zipper system especially in the way the pack closes in tighter to your back with a small load, but adding gear further from your back could drastically affect balance and comfort. I've loaded the pack to 50lbs and that seems too heavy for long camp approaches. For short hunts and carrying meat the J34 will work incredibly well.