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Airbase Base Layer - Top
Airbase Base Layer - Top
Airbase Base Layer - Top

Airbase Base Layer - Top

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Made in Finland by people who know how to stay warm when it’s cold, this is the best next-to-skin layer in the world. Polypropylene is widely known as the best wicking fabric, but even with traditional polypropylene you can feel periods of damp chill when your body builds a layer of sweat or you simply get wet. But with the Airbases big air pockets, you have nothing contacting the majority of your skin surface, while adjacent polypropylene wicks moisture, so you always feel dry. You can wear pretty much anything over the top of it and feel comfortable and dry, in any weather. And if you’re out on a day that gets hotter, you simply expose the base layer and, voila, you get instant full-blown cooling. So you can literally wear this stuff right into a warm day, and regulate your temperature more easily than with any other garment. Made of polypropylene with silver ion scent control. Shirt has knit collar and cuffs.


  • Color: Gray

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This is what I expect. Excellent

Not afraid of winter anymore

Hello. My name is Dorothee. I work in construction. Love the work, except for winters. I used to be cold and wet. It didn't matter if I layered up. I was sweating from the inside out or getting wet from the outside in. No matter what I tried. I was complaining to my little brother one day (he is an avid hunter) . He bought the mesh and totally loved it. He bought me Eberlestock mesh under garments. AMAZING. I was warm and dry. At the end of the day all my outer layers were completely soaked and I didn't even notice because my Eberlestock kept me protected from the elements. My husband soon after bought a shirt and pants of the Eberlestock as well. We swear by your product. I have had the same pants and shirt for 4 years and the only thing that is starting to get thin is the knees. I live in that for 4 to 5 months a year. Having said that I recently purchased a set for my 83 year old mother because she was complaining that she always felt cold when she left the house. She was not active when she was wearing the mesh. She said it made her feel cold not warm.
One request- I wish that Eberlestock could make this product in a female underwear and bra as those were two of the areas that weren't protected from the cold and wet.

Air base layer top

Wore it hiking a couple of times,and couple of times running my coon hounds, it works as far as doing what it was designed to do. I also have a Brynje super thermal mesh,it is 3 or 4 inches longer,I don't have to pull on it and stretch it to tuck it in,the Brynje is the same price and ,I think better quality ! Go to Brynje USA, order one and you will see what I am talking about!

Airbase layer

Thought I would give these a try and I have to say they really work! I got them after I purchased the afterburner pant and hoodie, I was so impressed with the clothing I went to scheels and got the vest and trinity peak shell too. I just wish eberlestock would make the camo gloves and hats too


Finally, a product made for hunters that like to be on the move.
Previously I have only been able to find this type of product that I had to wash every night or it would smell so bad people would move away from me.
This is awesome none smelly will still wash every other night for hunting but scentless. It absorbs every bit of my bad odor, love it.