J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag
J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag

J2DB / J3DB Zip-On Dry Bag

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Perfect complement to your Frame Pack or your J-Type pack.

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Volume: 4000 ci.

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These ultralight (12 oz.), 4000 to 6700 cubic inch dry bags are the perfect complement to your F1 Mainframe Pack, your M1 Carrier Frame Pack or your J-Type pack. 

Use one of these bags with your F1 Mainframe or the M1 Carrier Frame to instantly convert it to the most capable ultralight, high-volume backpack in the world.  This setup can be enhanced by adding a pair of Batwing Pouches: if you're going to be hunting out of a spike camp, once you get there you can simply unzip the dry bag where you have your tent, sleeping bag, food, extra water, and anything else you want to keep in camp.  Then you can zip together the two Batwings and hunt with a lightweight daypack (1,200 ci) that has world-class meat hauling capabilities.

Not just for the frame systems, these high quality roll-top dry bags are uniquely suited to the full family of EMOD products.   Use them to add capacity to our J-type packs.  For J117 and J34 packs, they will either drop into the main cargo compartment or zip onto the outside of the pack at the expansion zipper. For the J51 and J79, it fills either or both of the bulk load positions in the load bay. 

Choose either the J2DB or J3DB to get 4,000 or 6,700 cubic inches of stowage space secured by a roll-top and taped seams.  This is a great lightweight option to keep your gear dry.

  • [Regular] SKU: J2DB
  • Volume: 65 Liters / 4,000 cubic inches
  • Weight: 12 oz.
  • Dimensions: 30"h x 13"w x 13"d
  • [Large] SKU:  J3DB
  • Volume:  110 Liters / 6,700 cubic inches
  • Weight:
  •  15 oz.
  • Dimensions: 42"h x 26"w x 26"d


Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Ismail L.
Great Dry bag

I bought this as an option to go between batwings on my F1 frame for longer trips and it fits as I hoped it would. It's a great dry bag away from the pack too. It has become my go-to kayaking carryall.

Shaughn U.
J2DB Zip-On Dry Bag

Great product! It's a very durable dry bag that can easily be zipped to my F1 Mainframe or used alone.

Jason W.Q.
Exactly as advertised. Exactly what I was looking for.

I needed to upgrade my portage bag for this year and decided to go with Eberlestock on recommendation from some friends. I wanted a large, non segmented bag that was waterproof and durable. This dry bag with an F1 frame and two batwings is more then enough space for my week in the backcountry. The frame makes the weight so comfortable to carry. Excellent product from an excellent company!


Seems like the perfect bed for my mainframe pack for now. No reason to think otherwise but I’ll update if there’s any concerns

Handy accessoire

Come really handy with the Mainframe. Convert the frame to a backpack in a minute.

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