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If you're going to own just one hunting pack, own a Just One

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This is the latest version of the pack that started a gear revolution, the legendary Just One Pack™. As in, “if you’re going to own just one hunting pack, own a Just One.” The Just One is extremely versatile and it comes with the patented features that make Eberlestock packs unique. Starting at an ultra-compact 2300 cubic inches, the built-in Cam Expansion System™ expands it to 4600 cubic inches. Add in a Super Spike Duffel™, and you get a 7500 cubic inch load hauler.


Rifle Carry

Waterproof Zippers

Load Bearing

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  • Compressed Pack Volume : 1,900 c.i. / 31.14L
  • Expanded Pack Volume: 4,200 c.i. / 68.83L
  • Scabbard Volume: 400 c.i.
  • Total Volume: 4,600 c.i.
  • Weight: 7.25 lbs
  • Dimensions (compressed): 25"h x 11"w x 6"d
  • Scabbard Dimensions: 34"L x 7"W x 3"D, with a 20" circumference opening


Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Brian A. (California)
One Word:Quality

Very impressed with the quality of craftsmanship of this pack, its almost like you have to go out and shop for things to put into it.

IRD (Utah)
Just as advertised, the universal hunting pack!

I have been looking at the Just One Pack for several years contemplating making it my latest hunting pack and I finally pulled the trigger this year. It is just what I was hoping for. I can fit rain gear in the main pouch with an extra insulating layer. The outside pockets work great for my Leupold Santiam Straight spotting scope and my Leupold Pro Guide tripod. There are two water bottle pockets on the outside and several other pockets for small items. The lid pocket fits other small items and the zippers on each side of the lid have divided pockets. I actually squeezed my Vortex Diamondback 15x Binos in the top lid for easy access. The adjustable shoulder straps accommodated my 6"4" torso and it has a comfortable waist belt. My rifle fits easily in the scabbard and it packs well. I haven't carried meat in it yet, but I am looking forward to filling a tag and trying out its meat packing abilities.

Ted N. (Utah)
4 years with the J34

4 years and 4 elk packed out solo. My J34 is still like new. Not a single issue after steady use beyond hunting. The scabbard has carried more fly rods than rifles. I wish I had a pack of this quality when I was a USMC machine gunner.

David S. (Utah)
Awesome Rifle Pack, Archery Just Ok

The J34 Just One has been a great pack. I've taken it on five hunts now, two rifle and three archery hunts. All hunts were three day three night hunts. When expanded, the pack fits an elk rear leg, and some. When it is zipper down tight, it makes for an awesome day pack. There are good organization pockets, and the padding on the pack is good. The material is soft and doesn't make a lot of noice, and durable; I've taken it in nasty thickets and groves, and no holes have been made once. I can also fit a 2.5 L Camelbak bladder in the bladder compartment without too much difficulty.

I would recommend this pack for ONLY rifle hunts, and for shorter mileage packing (no more than 8 miles/day). Because of the rifle carrier, all the weight of the pack is set back two-three inches from the wearer's back. Having the weight as close to the back as possible and as high as possible makes for carrying weight much more efficient; the heaviest items should be towards the middle if not top of the back of the wearer. When I've carried a rifle in the pack's rifle carrier, the weight has felt balanced. But without the rifle (archery hunts), the weight of the pack is not snug to the back, and it's hard to stand up straight; the weight of the pack pulls away and down from the shoulders, making it hard to transfer the weight evenly on the shoulders, the hips, and the whole back. The rifle carrier is only big enough to store trekking polls or tent polls, which are both light and don't work as a balancer too well.
With a rifle though, works great.

Few Flaws with the pack, to be advertised as a multi-day (4+ days and nights) hunt:

1) The frame of the pack is not built as a backpacking pack should be. Even on the lowest shoulder setting, the frame barely comes up to my shoulders, and most of the weight hangs to the middle-lower back. I'm 5'9", 170lbs, with a standard torso length. It be much more comfortable with a heavier load amount if the frame extended above the shoulders and the weight was distributed higher on the back.
2) The pack is short, wide and set up to have the weight expand away off your back instead of along your back. For heavy weight, packs that are taller, narrower, and set to have the weight go along (and up) the back are much, much more efficient for carrying heavy loads. The backpack lid is set up to hang down the pack (unless carrying an animal), rather than stay on top of the contents in the backpack's main compartment, which adds to the weight being off instead of along the back (there are two great compartments in the lid for organizing that are a bummer not to use). When unzipped, the pack expands really wide, putting a lot of weight towards the outside of the body, making it harder to carry the weight. And, the duffle bag is really great for keeping gear organized and off a bloody game bag (I bought one and have used it and like it), but again, pulls the weight off the back instead of along the back. The wearer is having to be bent over even on flat ground to balance the weight of the pack while on; it would be much better if the pack (and duffel) was a little taller, narrower, and didn't open so wide when unzipped.
3)Straps and zippers are all pretty stiff. Zippers are harder to open and close than I've seen on other packs, and the straps are hard to pull down tight. These a minor things though, so not too big of a deal, and the straps do maintain their tightness well.
4) Since it's hard to carry 50+lbs of gear/food/water in this pack comfortably, I wouldn't recommend for longer multiple-day hunts.

For day hunts and a couple nights out in the backcountry, this pack is great. I've loved using it on my overnight rifle and archery hunts and multi-day rifle hunts. And for the price, pretty dang good.

Zachary G. (New Jersey)

This pack is awesome for everything. I use it mostly for a day pack/assault pack civilian and military. The expandability comes in handy when moving in or out of a location. And the Eberlestock name speaks for itself when it comes to durability. Can’t recommend enough.

Arron (Arizona)
Almost Perfect

If you have to have one hunting pack for everything, it’s hard to beat the just one. I own a Kuiu pack and it’s great but can’t handle what this one looks like it can handle. After breaking it down and setting it up the only issue I have is the water bladder storage pocket. It’s way too small, even for the 2 liter bladder. I was told it was to prevent “sloshing around”. I can put a 2 liter bladder in my Kuiu Divide 1500 and never hear any sloshing around. That’s a day pack for scouting and NRL events so I never fill it up all the way. This is the only design flaw, and it is a flaw. Especially if you’re doing a lot of walking on an elk hunt at 7500 feet. You’re going to need a ton of water. If you guys find a way to fix this, you have the perfect pack. Other than this, I love all the other design features. Pack in almost everything and pack out your meat. 👍

Ludwg B. (New Jersey)
Just one backpack

Awesome product, well thought out.

James R.A.M. (Alberta)
Set The Standard

J34 Just One is exactly as advertised. Extremely impressed with the expansion abilities of the pack for increasing packing volume. Padding on the pack is thick & comfortable, no expense was spared there. Looking forward to the multiple applications applications can I can put this pack to work.

G J. (Minnesota)
Just One is a Must Have

I recently recieved my Just One pack and I have to say that at first glance it is a gorgeous, well-made pack. It is purpose built and rugged in design. This will be my mainstay for back country trips for sure. Other huge factors are the price point and that fact that this pack in made in America. Eberlestock for the win!

Steven F. (Michigan)

Feels solid and well build. Haven't been able to wear test yet due to back surgery but felt good when I wore empty.