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The Story of the Lucky Rings

 -- a message from Eberlestock's founder.

Take a close look at the products made by Eberlestock, and you’ll notice there’s something that appears on, well, just about all of ‘em.  The three circles that make up our logo are more than an interesting motif, and  there’s a story behind them that’s never been told. 

Years ago, when I started making rifle stocks for the Olympic sport of biathlon, I looked for ways to lighten them up.  I skeleton-ized them, and cut away material wherever I could.  Applying some basic principles of engineering, I made trusses in the stocks by drilling holes in them.  Done correctly, this allows you to maintain maximum strength in an object while lightening it.

On the end of my stocks, I began cutting three holes, forming what became the signature Eberle truss.  For some reason, it felt right.  And looked right.  Through the years, I always put these three rings in my racing stocks.  As I competed with them, I gained confidence in knowing that they were there.  They became a source of luck, and I always shot better with rifles that had them.  So they became my very private, and personal, Lucky Rings.

Now that our company is developing a broad range of performance-based products, and is sharing them with the world, I thought that the world ought to know what it’s getting when it buys from Eberlestock.  We promise sensational products, in which you’ll find unmatched features and unmatched quality.  But everything that we make comes with something else that’s special: just a little bit of luck.  And whether you’re shooting, or climbing a mountain looking for a world record ram, or just going fishing, well, we could all use a little extra luck.  So, you’ll be glad to know that every item that we make comes with its own set of Lucky Rings.

Here’s wishing you

         “Lots o’ Luck,”

          -- Glen Eberle

"I'd rather be lucky than good."

-Old fighter pilot saying

(...of course, we recommend trying for both).


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