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The last hunting pack you'll ever need to buy.

Photo by Ron Spomer

(But of course, we'll keep making new ones to tempt you).

Here are some prompts to help you find the pack you need:

What do you need to do? Pick a pack to suit your needs
  • Big Game: carry meat, horns, and hide with rifles or bows

 J34, J107 "Just One" or JP9 "Blue Widow"
  • Bow optimized version of our larger format patented Cam Expansion packs

 JP9 "Blue Widow"
  • Carry a scoped hunting rifle or a shotgun
All packs
  • Carry a bow
All packs
  • Smallest pack with full features
H1 "Mini Me"
  • Get a bow off your back with a Ripcord
G29 "Tailhook" or X1, or all packs with an ARCG ButtBucket Kit
  • Carry a larger-scale gun, or one with a bipod
G2 "Gunslinger II", or most of our Special Operations packs
  • Have quickdraw access to both a gun and a bow at the same time
X1 or X2 with scabbard and ButtBucket
  • Bird hunting
G29 "Tailhook" or X2 for warm weather, or X1... or best of all, H1 "Mini Me" with an A1SS Side Scabbard!
  • 1 to 3-day camp/hunt trips
J34 or J107 , JP9, or G2
  • 3 to 10-day camp/hunt trips
 J34, J107 "Just One" or JP9 "Blue Widow"
  • Combine daypack and freight pack in one package
 J34, J107 "Just One" or JP9 "Blue Widow"
  • Day outing
H1 "Mini Me" or lighter day packs including the X1, X2, the G29 "Tailhook", and the G2 "Gunslinger II"
  • Day outing where you'll be hauling big game meat at the end of the day
 J34, J107 "Just One" or JP9 "Blue Widow"
A note from Glen Eberle about pack selection (J34, J107 vs. JP9):

About picking the right pack for you: my disclaimer is that I always encourage customers to just get whatever pack seems to most appeal to them.  I'm totally confident in all of our models, but as you'd expect, each model has certain compromises and benefits, and there lies the fact that they will appeal differently to different people.  Some quick thoughts:

-- Either of our scabbard packs, J107 or J34, is a great all-around pack.  The scabbard will completely change your experience in when rifle hunting in steep country.  When not carrying a rifle, the scabbard tucks into the bottom of the pack and just becomes a big pocket, which you'll use for all kinds of other stuff.  The J34 is a good choice if you like a more pliable internal frame pack; it is more compact, and designed to move with your body, and a little lighter.  The J107 is a good choice if you would prefer a pack that gives an experience a little more like a traditional external frame pack; it's a bit wider, and firmer. 

-- The JP9 Blue Widow is the best choice for putting a heavy load closest to your body; it has the least amount of structure between the frame and the load bay (this does not discount the J107 and J34.  The load on these packs can be pulled right into the frame if you use the packs right!)

All of our J-type packs are really dependent on the following to get the best experience:  Always use the compression straps to firmly draw the load to the frame (I relate this to tying your shoes; the same principle applies).  People who describe the experience of having the load feel like it's pulling them back with our J-series packs are usually not using the compression straps, which is akin to running around with your shoes untied.

The biggest single lesson I've learned in getting performance from our packs is to wear them right.  Most people wear them too low, which puts a load on their glutes; this makes a huge impact on your comfort while walking, as it cuts off the blood supply to your big hiking drivers.  The ideal position is to crank the hipbelt firmly around the top of your hip bones, so that it's about half above and half below, and the pad "cups" over the top of your hipbones along your sides.  Once this is done, I recommend modifying the contour of the aluminum stays if necessary, so that the pack ends up in a constant contour that matches the shape of your back.  You probably know all of this, but I've learned that many people who are "experts" really could be getting a lot better performance from their pack if they'd wear it right.  So I am not afraid to walk through the whole thing even with experienced pack wearers!

Here's a link to a video that will help you to adjust and properly wear your Eberlestock pack:  Pack Fitting Video

-- Glen Eberle, Founder.


For more pack comparisons, see our pack comparison page:   Pack Comparison Page

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