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Frequently Asked Questions.        Please also see our Tech Tips page


APO Shipping

Fitting your Pack

Law Enforcement Discount

Military Discount

Pack Adjustment

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APO Shipping:

Yes, we gladly ship to APO addresses.  We do not charge any more for this service than the standard US domestic shipping charge that's generated by our website.


Military / Law Enforcement Discount:

We offer a 10% discount for orders made by the U.S. government, and by government personnel including military and law enforcement.  The criteria for this is that the item is being purchased by a currently employed military professional, for personal professional use.  Orders made to our online store can have the discount amount applied to them, upon request.


Pack Adjustment: 

What really impacts a pack's comfort is the surface area covered by the harness, and how well the pads follow the contours of your body.  The new Shooter's Harness pads have good surface area and follow the contours of your body better than typical thicker pads.  Pack comfort depends upon how well you fit the harness to your body, and avoiding a couple of common mistakes.  Some tips:

The place to start is by getting the pack's vertical placement right.  The most important factor in fitting the pack to you is to really crank the hip belt onto the upper side of your hip bones.  The middle of the pad should be directly outboard of the top of the arc of your hipbones; this will pull the lumbar pad into your lumbar, and keep the pack from riding south.  If you start with this, then you'll be able to put the harness into the right place with the next steps, and there really shouldn't be much load on your shoulders.

After getting the pack set on your hips correctly, the vertical adjustment of the harness should be done so that with the rest of the rigging in balance, the pads have a smooth arc going  from the pack forward to the crest of your shoulders.  If the sternum strap's hitting you too high on your chest, move the harness up on its ladder rack on the pack.  On the other hand, if there is a gap between the upper back side of your shoulders and the pads when the load adjusters are fairly slack, then you need to move the harness down on the rack. 

Once you have the harness in the right vertical place, you'll notice that if you overly tighten the load adjusters, it distorts the arc.  This is the second element of the comfort issue; the load adjusters should only be tightened to the degree that it keeps the pack vertical; anything more than what's necessary for this is just putting undue force on the front of your shoulders.  By pulling too much tension into the load adjusters, you can put your shoulders into a pretty uncomfortable vise, long past the point where you've done anything to improve the pack's ride on your body.

Washing Instructions:
To wash the packs we recommend using a mild scent free detergent and a high pressure hose or pressure washer on the spray setting. Please hang dry the packs and do not use a washing machine or dryer.

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