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Notes and Photos from our Satisfied Customers... (please send us yours!)


What's being said about our backpacks: 

"The Swedish army operates in extremely varied climate zones, from Afghanistan, Congo and all the way up to the polar regions of northern Sweden. In temperatures from below -45 degrees C up to +50 degrees C and above. This naturally puts a lot of strain on the equipment in use. Rucks and other types of packs usually fail in the buckles and zippers due to the plastic materials sensitivity to extreme change in temperature and humidity. After hauling your packs, namely: Phantom, G4 Operator and Terminator including the tactical weapon scabbard,  in all of these different types of climate zones I would like to confirm what your company probably already know. The pack doesn't fail!
We've carried heavy loads in the packs and the Barrett M82 or the Accuracy International AW on top of that in the scabbards without so much as a buckle failing or cracking.
In deep snow sniping we use the packs with mountable shooting rest as a stabile firing platform and due to the design concerning zippers and etc, snow doesn't get in to the pack.
Thanks again for making great products."
Best regards,
Nameless Swedish Army Sniper


"I have been wearing backpacks for an average of ninety days per year for nearly forty years...  The Eberlestock "Just One" is easily the most comfortable and versatile backpack I have ever worn."

                     - Phil Shoemaker, Alaskan Master Guide, as part of a submission to The Alaska Professional Hunter magazine.

Read the rest of what Phil has to say about it:  Shoemaker on the Just One


"We as a group have never been so overwhelmingly unanimous on a pack as we are with our Eberlestock Blue Widow's. I personally spent 40+ days in the field with this pack on my back carrying loads up to 130lbs. Love it! Thanks"

Ty Stubblefield
-Born and Raised Outdoors



Wanted to thank you for a great product. Eberlestock's craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly impressive. We were blessed with an unbelievable season this year so my new Just One got plenty of use. I was lucky enough this year to be able to spend all of September bow-hunting in Montana & Idaho. Your pack helped my hunting partners and I pack out 5elk, 2 mule deer, and 1 Bighorn Sheep. I couldn't imagine doing it without the Just One.
It is the perfect pack for the "Do It Yourself" hunter. The only problem was that I was the only one with a Just One.
Dustin Diefenderfer
"I just wanted to send a pic of my Gunslinger which myself and several other of my Scouts and Scout Snipers use over here in Iraq, I like it so much I decided to order another larger pack for use in longer duration Scout Operations.

We have found that our gunslingers work well for xx to xx hr hide operations and carrying the M4 Rifle, M24 Sniper Rifle, SR25 SASS Rifle, and the M14 SASS Rifle...

I also was looking for a ruck I could use when I am back at home station... since I an avid sheep hunter.  I am very impressed with your products which we have used in small boat operations, air assault operations, and xx to xx hr scout employment.

I also like the fact that with waterproofing (two army waterproof bags, and one heavy duty trash bag) our Gunslinger ruck has also acted as a floatation device which we have tested in the Euphrates River during small boat operations.

Thank you for designing a strong and sturdy carrying platform which has proved useful to us."

SFC S. K. 

Note:  We receive many letters and calls from the fine soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen serving our country.  We are honored to know that they find our gear useful.  We have deleted potentially sensitive material from this note, but you get the point.  Thanks, SK, and Godspeed!

We're starting to get some really good feedback from customers who own the JP9.  Here's an example from one of our favorite hunters who's one lucky fellow judging by the number and variety of photos that he sends us:

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy your pack.  My last bull that I took in Colorado, I had to take two hind quarters down an avalanche chute from 12,000 feet.  I didn't realize how much weight I had on my back until I took it off at the end of a two hour hike.  Pack should have weighed close to 100 lbs for a two hour hike.  You just can't do that with any other pack.  I'm in extremely good shape and my friends tease me that I just try to beat them up, but I couldn't carry the weight with any other pack.  Thanks for making me look good.

Kiviok Hight"

I told Kiviok that as much as I appreciate the compliment, we're not the ones making him look good.  He's got that covered all by himself.  -- GE


Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you how happy I am with your pack. I ordered a J107 with all the trimmings for my sheep hunt this fall, if there was ever a true test of what these packs can handle this was it. We packed in over ten miles with plans for a ten day hunt (around 60lbs). On the second day I was lucky enough to take a ram. We hunted for two more days and then made the long trek out. I can't tell you how amazed I was with the way my pack held up under extreme conditions. My pack coming out was over 140lbs for ten miles and not one broken strap, seam or buckle! Not only is there no other pack with the design to carry my load the way I did, I knew this before I bought it, but it is as tough as they come. I've attached two pictures for you, the first is just after boning out my ram and heading back to camp. The second is my pack on the way out. Thank you very much and I will be sending anyone who will listen your way.
                                     -- Jesse Meyer
                                     Lethbridge AB

I've been meaning to write for while now to tell you thanks for making such a great pack!  I bought mine over a year ago and used it during many scouting trips and my rifle deer hunt here in AZ.  Luckily, it was a successful hunt and I was able to utilize my J104 to its full potential.  The pack was comfortable and held all my necessary gear and more.  I've used many other packs and really like the features and functionality that the J104 offers.  I made two trips to pack my deer out, and the second trip I had 80 lbs on my back.  The pack was heavy, but very comfortable.
I've recommended it to many friends, and am always reading good things about it on internet forums.  Thanks for making such a great product! 

Ron Green

Chandler, AZ

           "The Southern Alps is no place for pretenders; you need your wits, grip and good gear to survive.  We hunted all the background, having our rifles stowed behind gave us two hands to pull ourselves up the tricky stuff with no "sling issues" to annoy us. Thanks guys. --


-- My good friend Dave purchased two packs of you guys last year, and only because I was lucky he let me borrow one on a recent hunting trip in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. We hunted Tahr in very rugged terrain and climbed each day in search of game. We spike camped at 4000 feet and hunted hard for 6 days, that pack I borrowed was the best piece of gear I have ever taken hunting,( I now own it purchasing it off Dave). I have used it many times since our trip, thank you very much for designing the ultimate pack."

-- Berrnard Holdsworth,                 Ample Adrenaline Hunting,                New Zealand

A fun note forwarded from one of our dealers:

"I have to tell you that I took some of your gear to
Africa last month on safari. I was particularly impressed with the Eberlestock Gunslinger pack. I hiked all over creation and comfortably carried a Winchester model 70 in .375 H&H mag the entire time. The pack carried everything I needed, was very fast to pull the rifle out of, and made a great rest to shoot off of when I had the time. Two huge thumbs up!  In fact the coyote brown pack I just ordered is a gift for my PH down in Africa. He was really impressed with the set-up, particularly when I attached it to the safari rig enclosure. That rifle bounced around for 9 days strapped to the truck. I never had a problem with the pack, or with the rifle being knocked off. Being in country where rhino and cape buffallo can bust out of the brush in a heartbeat, having the ability to carry a rifle whatever you're doing is the best life insurance you can buy!"

Dave Rydbom
Ashland, OR


I just got back from my Sitka Blacktail Deer hunt on Kodiak Island.  I used your pack throughout the day and also to pack out my animal. 
Great job on the pack design.  I own close to 20 different packs and yours is the most comfortable with and without a load.  Thanks for your effort in designing a pack that I love to carry.
Here's a picture of your pack in action.
-- Kiviok Hight

Kiviok uses an X1A1 pack in this photo, proving that everything that we make will haul meat!


Great pack.  I do a lot of mountain hunting here in Kodiak ,AK and have used the J-104 to carry many a sitka black tail off the mountain.  I talked my friend into getting one of your packs.  This past spring we went on an elk hunt here and were lucky enough to get and elk.  The packs were very comfortable carrying a load of over 110 lbs of elk meat more than 2 miles up and down.  I hope to let you know how a goat travels in it this fall.

Luke Eanes,  Kodiak, AK

"The Barta Stalker pack came yesterday. The order was complete, even after my add-ons and substitutions.

What a neat pack!  I'm still not sure I've found all the cool features... the way the wide straps come around the main body of the pack after passing under the vertical side pockets is a great touch.  All the slip-in elasticized pockets inside are going to see a lot of use!
The hanging net inside at the top is for a sleeping bag or wet gear, as are the side mesh zippered pockets on both sides, am I correct?
It's a fun pack and just about the perfect size.  That Max-1 camo was worth the wait, too.
Thanks again and good luck this fall,"
Tim Shoales
Missoula, MT

Note:  regarding the mesh roof rack, and interior side pockets...  my philosophy for pack construction is that all of these details are meant to simply be useful for whatever you choose to use them for.  We build a versatile product, meant to be used how you like it!  Anyway, thanks for the great feedback!


"I put your pack through its paces again a few days ago. I took a friend and his daughters into the high country for a last day hunt for their deer. -10 degrees for much of the day with about a foot of snow. I boned out a buck and hauled it out in the old J104 again. As always, it rode well. I've got no qualms with the plastic buckles after seeing how they've performed the last couple of times out in below zero weather. In all, I've packed out 2 boned out bucks with heads & capes, 2 quartered out bucks with heads & capes, and 4 quartered up does in my J104 in the last 5 weeks. It's been worked hard from 50 above to -38 wind chill and hasn't given me a significant problem yet. I'd say that's a fairly good indication of how it will perform for the long haul."

          -- Shane Klippenes, Montana


"Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the Just One pack I purchased from you recently.  Two days ago, I covered about nine miles scouting for elk and carried about 40 pounds worth of gear, rifle, hydration system, etc and went the entire day without any chafing or discomfort.  This has been the one product I have purchased in my lifetime that has exceeded my expectations.  The quality and performance of your pack reveal considerable thought, creativity and attention to detail that I appreciate.  Thanks for your pursuit of excellence in manufacturing a quality piece of hunting equipment."

       -- Al Carpenter, Canby, Oregon

"I just wanted to thank you for your J104 pack!  I was told that this was a tough hunt, and a real hard pack-out if we got a sheep.  I was up for the challenge, even more to prove to the men that I could do it!  So it came as a great surprise to me that on my first sheep hunt I got a 36" ram!  (My husband's 39 5/8" wasn't bad either).  And with my Eberlestock pack I was able to pack out my meat, cape, and horns all by myself!  My pack was very comfortable the whole trip, and every compartment, strap, and feature was perfect for this hunt!  Thank you for a great pack."            -- Dawn Reynolds, Soldotna, Alaska



Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for making great gear. I'm currently deployed in Iraq... Our battalion ordered a bunch of Skycrane rucks for us. I love 'em! They are great packs. They are extremely versatile. I can load them up for multiday missions or collapse them for 6-12 hour stints. And the suspension sytem is great...just like a civilian internal frame pack. I'm so impressed. I'm attaching a picture from Iraq.

-- J.L.

"I purchased your pack this spring and have had the opportunity to use in earnest for the second time.  The picture included shows the last trip out on a successful North Idaho Shiras Moose hunt.  A good friend got the moose down and called in the troops to do the packing.  Of course I was eager to try my Eberlestock on a more demanding load.  This last trip out was 125 lbs. of boned-out moose meat.  Besides the overwhelming weight, the Eberlestock performed flawlessly.  The weight distributed evenly and I felt I had equal pressure not only on my shoulders but on my hips as well.  I would recommend this pack to anyone who is looking for an all around pack.  It will not only haul all your gear in the back country but it will haul your harvested game back out and into your freezer.
Thanks again Eberlestock for making a pack for those who demand a lot out of their equipment."
-- Virgil Armstrong
Bonners Ferry, ID


"I received my pack last week and had an opportunity to try it out while packing gear into my Goat camp for the upcoming season.  Great pack! Carried a full load with comfort and ease.  I'm sure glad I caught the write up in last months Bugle magazine.   The ordering process was breeze and shipping was better than expected.  All in all an excellent experience."
--  Scott Mulvihill,   Skagway, Alaska


"I am writing to let you know some feedback on the Gunslinger.  We are
with the SEALS in Baghdad and they are going to order the bags for themselves.  ...You
guys have done us right with this bag and we at 5th Group are very pleased and will send you pictures when I get a chance.  We go nowhere without the bag."
-- (name withheld as a courtesy), 5th SFG(A)


[Note]:  we love this picture of Canadian hunter Chad Dillabough, because it is a perfect presentation of a Just One in action.  The pack has a Spike Camp Duffel mounted, which tells you that a core load of meat is surrounded by camping gear.  His gun is in the scabbard, and the pack's topped by a beautiful trophy ram.  Looking into the distance, you can sense that there was some work involved in getting up to this place, and that there's a long knee-buster of a trail down.  Talk about a perfect place to have your hands free to use some hiking poles!...  Here's what he had to say about his hunt:
"I purchased one of your J-105 packs this spring and was very happy with the service and quick shipping of my order. I used the pack on a few trips in the spring and summer and was very happy with it but the real test came at the end of August when I was hunting Bighorns with it. I was lucky enough to rake a nice ram, and I’m happy to say that your pack performed very well and it was critical component of my hunt. Attached is a picture of me and my pack fully loaded on the way out. I hope you enjoy the photo and thanks for making such a well thought out, quality product.                                -- Chad Dillabough, Calgary Alberta.

"All of the guys in the unit that got your packs had a meeting, and we went through every detail.  We couldn't find anything that we didn't like.  The packs are awesome, and are way better than anything else out there.  They're a much quieter way to carry our weapons."

         -- a member of Tiger Force Recon, as he prepares to deploy to Iraq.


and later...   Well hello from Iraq.  This is the first time I've had a chance to email... the bags are great.  The missions that we have been doing are working out great with your bags... not having any problems.  Looking forward to your new gear...  You and your gear has made our missions easier.


[Note:  there are several good, impartial discussions on web forums about our products.  If you're interested in hunting packs, do a search for Eberlestock at www.monstermuleys.com.  

For a good discussion of our GS05 Gunslinger, check out Sniper's Paradise:



I just got back from the Yukon on a Dall Sheep hunt. This was a full back pack hunt in some very rough country. I took your Just One pack ... We put on many miles every day of this hunt for 7 days. I was lucky enough to take a nice ram on the 7th day with my bow. I used the gun scabbard to slide my camelback in and then used the compression straps to strap my bow on. The pack was plenty big enough even with the full body cape, head and horns on the trip back to base camp after the kill. Your pack was awesome for this hunt and I will be carrying it from now on. The pack out from base camp to the air strip was 3 hours with an 80 pound pack. The Just One was perfect and performed flawlessly. By the way one of my buddies on this hunt also used the Just One and loved his as well.  

Thanks again for your support on the Fraternity of Desert Bighorn Banquet his year, and thanks for making such a great piece of equipment. I recommended your pack to several other hunters that I met in the Yukon and I will continue to do so.

--Paul Harris,  Henderson, NV

I wanted to give you some feedback on my J105 packpack.  I've seen a lot of good things said about your products on your website and internet forums.   My experience has been much the same - I'm impressed.   The hunting seasons are not yet over. However, I have already put my J105 pack through quite a test.  It has performed flawlessly in all conditions - Rain, Mud, Snow, Freezing Rain/Wind/temps, etc.  Your pack did not get "stiff" in cold/freezing temps like others I've experienced.   I'm a tall guy (6'4") and this pack fits me. I attribute that to the  adjustable shoulder harness. 

My J105 has packed in bivy camps and packed out both deer and elk with no signs of stress or breaking. This pack will carry more than I would ever stagger under. It has met any challenge I've thrown at it so far. I can't say anything that hasn't already been said about the design of this pack - its awesome.  Let me tell you, like many other guys, I've owned more than a couple of hunting packs. The J105 is in a class by itself. I'm also fairly certain this pack is larger than other packs of similarly advertised pack volumes.  Boned-out, the buck I killed last week packed out just fine-- with all my gear and a little room to spare!   I wish I would have had this pack 10 years ago.
-- Bill Brandon

Your pack is awesome. I carried over 110lbs. down 2000ft. of cliffs and deadfalls in Wyoming. I know its 110lbs because the butcher weighed the boned out meat at 65 lbs. (3 days later). My pack weighed 25 lbs. with gear w/o water, and the antlers/ cape were 30 lbs. Sorry there's no pictures of me with the pack, but that was impossible... (your pack saved me from hiking) over 2000 ft. of elevation uphill and downhill. Thanks again for the ride of my life. 

-- Jerry Muething


While shopping at Sportsman’s Warehouse a couple week ago, I came across the Just One Backpack.  I am sold.  What a neat backpack.  I have used my (well known brand) external frame backpack for years, but I had no idea there could be such a difference.  I am able to fit more into the Just One and it feels 100% better.  I have shopped around and tried on several types and styles of backpacks, but nothing has come close.  ...I look forward to accessorizing my new pack and my wife looks forward to the hunt ending so the pack can be moved out of the living room where it is tested and admired every day.                                                                                                                          --  Matt Blanchard

I just purchased a new Slingshot pack. I must say that this is the most comfortable pack I have ever used. While carrying my gear and my bow I traveled over 6 miles up and down hills on my last hunt. It felt as if I had nothing on my back at all. Is it possible that you may plan on adding a gun attachment to this pack. It would be a great addition to a perfect item for those of us just on a day hike.  Thank you for a great product. After this past week I know 3 of my friends are purchasing them as well.
-- Rudy Hindelang, Carson City NV

[Note:  Our Slingshot pack already carries a gun beautifully, with no modification required.  Just put the butt of the gun in the offset pocket, and wrap the Ripcord around the forestock, and clip it back into the red buckle, and you'll see that it works great.  Or you can attach one of our A1SS Side Scabbards, for a fun way to carry a shotgun.]


Just wanted to thank you again for designing your packs!!!  I attached a picture of a buck I took the other day, he was a nice buck...  Once again I found myself about 4 miles away from the truck on top of a wicked steep area when this guy went down.  I was able to get him out and on the road in about 4 hrs.  I actually have a complaint, you can put way too much meat in those packs.  I have abused that pack this season and it just keeps asking for more. Also, I told a friend about your packs and when him and his buddies came out here from back East they all bought Eberlestock packs and got full use out of them; they shot three deer and a spike last week and said it was the best pack they have ever put on.  A good friend and hunting buddy of mine was with this crew and he also had on an Eberlestock pack.  He has packed out over 30 elk and who knows how many deer; he left me a voice mail driving out that said that the pack was "awesome" it was the best thing he has ever worn...        --Zach Poff, Hunting Host, Gammy Creek Outdoors TV Show


"...our "Just one" packs with all of the accessories... just arrived. They are truly a fantastic product! We are "hard core" elk hunters and I am looking forward to the fall...I have looked for the ultimate big game pack for years and I know this is it."
"I got my J105 today! It is awesome!"
"Hello, I just received my J105.....It appears absolutely perfect...Thanks again for making a pack like this one...I have several local hunts and two out of state hunts this year and this will be with me during all of them..."
"I received the new tan GS05M and took it to my two week summer a.t., which included a scoutsniper competition.  We walked over 40 miles in full gear.  All the gear a sniper team would carry.  This pack held up great and I highly recommend it and I wouldn't use any other pack.  Even with the radio, spotting scope, chow, snivel gear, mission essential gear, 2 water bladders and the M24.  This pack was the most comfortable pack I have ever used.  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your pack and keep up the good work.  Can't wait to use it hunting this year as well.
Great Work Eberlestock,
Sgt. Gendhar

p.s. I think the pack was weighing right around 120+ pounds during this competition.  I was pretty rough on it and there is no sign of wear anywhere.  Just an awesome piece of equipment."            



"It's a pleasure to see true innovation and find products that are built better than they need to be.  Thanks again."                                                                                                             -Kean Lawlor


I e-mailed you after I purchased a Gunslinger pack at the Sandy outdoorsman show. I expressed concerns about the swishing noise when I dropped a rifle in it.  I just returned from a muzzleloader deer hunt and I have to tell you my concerns where totally unfounded.  Everyday I get up in the dark and climb a mountain to my favorite spot. It was so awesome to hike without fumbling with a rifle or constantly dealing with a sling slipping of my shoulder. My only mistake was not purchasing the "Just One" pack as I had to haul my deer out a couple of miles.  I remedied that mistake last night with a purchase. Can't wait to use it on the elk hunt in November.  Your packs are extremely well thought out and functional.  And, in my opinion, reasonably priced as compared to other brands.  I spend an awful lot of time with a pack on my back so such things are appreciated.
                        -- Bob Nytch



"The Just One is the best expandable pack I've worn."

                    - Keith McCafferty, in Field and Stream


"...in a class by itself."

                    - Brian Sheetz, Senior Executive Editor of American Rifleman, as written in American Hunter.


"I have been wearing backpacks for an average of ninety days per year for nearly forty years...  The Eberlestock "Just One" is easily the most comfortable and versatile backpack I have ever worn."

                     - Phil Shoemaker, Alaskan Master Guide, writing in The Alaska Professional Hunter magazine.

Read the rest of what Phil has to say about it:  Shoemaker on the Just One


"The guys are very pleased with them.  A couple of the boys have used them already on operations and were very happy."

                 - Corporal Tim Sylvestri, Royal Canadian Mounted Police


“This is the finest pack I’ve seen.”

                - Tom Merriman, Mack’s Sport Shop, Kodiak,  Alaska.


I have been Tahr Hunting a number of times with a friend who has one of these packs and they are phenomenal.  He has both hands free at crucial times on rock faces when stalking Tahr.  I was very jealous lumbering behind climbing with one hand balancing my rifle over my shoulder.  Now (that I'm getting one) I should be a bit quicker and safer.  These packs are ideal for NZ conditions.                       -- David Cooper


"I recently returned from a successful Stone sheep hunt in NE British Columbia with Prophet Muskwa Outfitters.  I wanted to take a moment to write and tell you what a great performance I received from my Eberlestock backpack.  By having the rifle pocket placed where it is, you are afforded hands free high speed climbing, if and when you need it.  When you sheep hunt, you need it.  Also, it was great not to have to juggle a rifle with a loaded down pack on the way out.  Obviously designed by a hunter, for hunters!  Keep up the good work!"
                - Carl Shores, Chandler, AZ
"Just got off the phone with my brother-in-law, who took a nice 7x7, 366 bull, at 120 yds yesterday with one shot from his T/C Omega Muzzleloader.  The guide, who has not let go of my pack since I left it with him, took out the following on the first load:  His gear, the backstraps, the neck meat and all loose meat, the cape and rack!  Estimated load was around 140 pounds!"                    - Edward Yenick Jr., Reno, NV

[Note:  this load was later measured to be 144 pounds.  Thomas Brunson, the man "in the saddle," has a well-earned reputation as being one tough, not afraid to pack some meat, big-elk-getting kind of guide.  Timberline Outfitters, Ely, Nevada].

My brother and I recently purchased the J104 Just One backpack for an elk hunt in Idaho. We were impressed with the “Just One” concept, because our hunting required a brutal climb up from the Salmon River to reach suitable habitat for elk. We wanted to be able to carry a light spike camp and still have the capability to carry out meat on the first trip down following a successful hunt. In the old days, we had to hike all the way down to the river and return with pack frames to pack out the elk. I was fortunate enough to take a nice bull, but it was several miles upstream and 3500 feet in elevation above our raft. Although I can’t say it was easy (my pack must have been 100 pounds), it saved us an entire day of packing to take out half of the boned out elk on our first trip down the mountain...  I wish I would have had one of these packs 20 years ago. 

Lowell Diller


"This is an observation from a small but yet dedicated subset of hunters using traditional firearms, the key factor here being that whether it is a accurate representation of a Hawken, or an 1886 Winchester in 45-70 the common factor here is there is no sling. You really don't want to drill a nice collectable for swivel studs, and those slip over deals block the sights at the most in-opportune moments.  Your pack also works well for the occasional use of  a slug barrel placed on my 1100 shot gun also.  Hunting without a sling is no biggie, but what do you do when it comes time to drag the deer back to camp?  Well your pack has solved this issue for me! It is also a safety bonus to be able to stow the weapon while you cross a stream or descend a steep grade etc., where 2 free hands can prevent a slip or fall."
Thanks, Tom Hylton


"I just returned from a archery stone sheep hunt with BC Safaris.  The owner Keith Connors had just received one of your packs. Since his hunter shot his
ram on the second day, I was able to use Keith's pack for a 4 day spike camp.  On the 3rd day I was fortunate to get within range of this Ram.  The
next day my guide and I loaded our packs with the meat, the entire hide, horns and camping supplies.  We had over 90#'s each in our packs, with my
bow strapped to the back of the pack we found ourselves back at the main camp 8 hours late. The first thing I did was write down the information on
your pack!! It's incredible!! That's why I placed this order tonight.  I have archery backpack hunted for elk all over Idaho and Oregon, this is by far the best pack I have ever hunted with!  Thanks for a great product.   
  -- Tony Mudd



“This is a great backpack!  ...I’ve just purchased one at the Sportsman’s Warehouse and will be goat hunting in SE Alaska...  I was looking at (a well-known competitor’s) pack, and once I saw the Eberlestocks, there was no second guessing.” 

                    - Jim Miller, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


 “No problem hauling a heavy load of meat.”

                    - Joe Jensen, Boise, Idaho.


 "I was hiking up and down mountains all day with my muzzle loader, and I don't know what I'd have done without your pack.  The scabbard worked great."

                    - Steve Porter, Boise, Idaho  


"The pack is very well made and will last for years.  It is a Mercedes compared to all packs I have seen.  I'm not sure how else you could improve upon it.  It is so versatile.  Just amazed at the quality of the pack."

                    - Ken McIntyre, El Cajon, California  


"I just wanted to let you know that during my week of Idaho deer hunting this fall, your pack worked flawlessly.  You have truly designed a pack that is engineered with the hunter in mind.  Besides being extremely comfortable, quiet, light, and having more attachment options/straps than any other hunt pack available, it is so versatile!  It functioned as a daypack as well as expanding large enough for an overnight spike camp." 

                    - Ed Yenick Jr., Reno, Nevada


"The most comfortable pack I've ever worn!  You've really done some great things here.  That's a great backpack." 

                    - Herb Bing, Harrisonburg, Virginia


The owner of Eberlestock stands by his products and uses them.  Read his elk hunting story to get some insight into why these things are made the way they are:

Owner's Elk Packing


And about our gunstocks...


 "The first four rounds out of my rifle (at 100 yards) could be covered with a dime.  This is better than it's ever shot."

                - a member of the Boise, Idaho SWAT team


"A work of art." 

                    - Bob Roberson, San Diego, California 


                    - Jeremy Teela, US Biathlon Team 





More About Jeremy


“I just love it.” 

                 - Rachel Steer, US Biathlon Team 










More About Rachel


"I don't know if you saw the results for the last World Cup, but I shot clean in the 10k for the first time in a long time.  The stock... really took my shooting to a new level.  It fits my body so comfortably it makes me confident the shots are going where I am aiming.  For standing position it is the most comfortable stock I have ever used.  Most importantly, the design of the stock turns heads, which makes me proud to own one.  Also the balance of the rifle is excellent.  So the work on the stock is paying off.  Thanks so much." 

                    - Jay Hakkinen, US Biathlon Team

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“What a year for Eberle biathlon stocks! I've just finished watching Rachel clean 4 out of the last 5 world cup races, and I had some incredible shooting this season as well.  I have been training in Sweden for the past two months and I finished 6 Swedish cups having shot 90% through-out.  Without blowing smoke at you, I can honestly say that I am ridiculously confident on the shooting range with my Eberle.  That's a great feeling with the Olympics fast approaching.  

                    - Walt Shepard, Yarmouth, Maine



“We can skydive with this!” 

                       - An unidentified member of the US Special Forces, at Shot Show 2004



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