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Instructions for using the NEW ButtBucket and dual attach Ripcord:

   Read below for instructions to attach the ButtBucket to the compression straps on the J104, J107, GS05, and other packs:

1.  Loop the vertical straps on the back of the ButtBucket through the middle horizontal strap.  This leaves a 2" loophole at the top of the ButtBucket for the horizontal compression strap on the pack. 2.  Run the pack's lower horizontal compression strap through the vertical web loops you've just made on the ButtBucket.  You can either do it so that the compression strap's buckle is behind the ButtBucket, or you can snug up one side of the compression strap so that the buckle is to one side of the ButtBucket when it's all done up.


   See the ButtBucket on the H1 Mini-Me:


The Mini-Me makes a great ultra-light bow pack.  Mount our ButtBucket to the lower rung of the Padlock webbing on the side of the pack, and run its Ripcord Tether from the right shoulder harness, through the upper pocket attachment link, then around your bow and back to the tether mount... and you're set for hands-free, easy-retrieval bowhunting!


Longbow hunters:  See our ALBC Longbow Carrier for an equivalent system that carries a longbow.


The following video is brought to you by S and S Archery:


    Weight: 10 oz.   $29.95  Link to Purchase

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