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Hunting Pack Camouflage Choices (Be sure to read the article and see more pictures, scrolling below the upper photo)

The colors and camouflages that we build our products in are combined in ways that are meant to work as well as possible in a variety of field conditions.  We don't believe that it matters much if you have oak leaves vs. poplar leaves, or juniper needles vs. pine needles, in order to match the exact tree that you might happen to be standing next to.  Basically, we look for colors and patterns that will provide the best eye-fooling effect in as many diverse environments as possible.  Lighting has a great deal to do with the way that the eye sees camouflage.  You'll notice that one pattern may look different in various photos on this site, for example.  All of them are valid; they're just seen in different environments.  The photos below aren't Photo-shopped images; they are just what the camera saw.

Obviously, part of our effort has to do with making an attractive product, and one that evokes the high quality that we build into every piece that we make.  The reality is that most color decisions in the retail environment are made looking at products at arm's length, under a cavernous, artificially illuminated interior space.  In the case of packs, it seems that many people want them to match those nifty camo shirts, pants, belts, boots, and socks that they're waiting to break out when the season rolls around again.

We encourage you to think a little more broadly about camouflage.  In our products, we try to offer options that are clear alternatives: one biased toward an open-space environment, and one biased toward a darker background.  But as you can see in the photos on this page, these aren't hard and fast rules.  The webbing used on our packs has as much impact on the visual effect as does the camouflage it's matched with; the trim highlights colors in the pattern.  Many of our products are trimmed with a color we developed that we call Dry Earth (check it out by clicking here), and it blends well with the color of dirt pretty much anywhere in the world.  But the camo patterns and webbing colors aren't really limiting.  We don't think that you have to care about what shape the leaves are in your pattern, and the one that works best might be counter-intuitive.  Many modern camouflage patterns have excellent all-around field colors, and these are the patterns that we seek out when we make our packs. 

We don't push anybody's brand in particular, and there are ever-widening options becoming available.  In fact, take a look at Eberlestock's own UNICAM, a pattern that we've developed based on requests from our customers in the special operations community.  Or the new patterns from Hide-Open Camo, which we think are great.  For the hunter, camouflage should be something fun, and it's not something to get too worked up about.  What will really matter out there is your fieldcraft...  If your head's in the game, and you happen to be wearing blue jeans, it probably won't matter all that much to your quarry.  On the other hand, camo gives us the opportunity to blend in with the natural environment, which makes it more pleasant to be in the field.  Not to mention that, in an increasingly crowded world, those of us who practice fieldcraft might like to meld away in the woods to avoid all of the people who just don't seem to want to understand what we're doing out there.  In the spirit of all of this, Eberlestock takes care to select "real" field camouflage patterns.

We have really come to like Mossy Oak Brush (above).  Its fine details meld into most forest floor, open field, and brush environments.  The fine pattern is balanced by larger light and dark areas, and it's a good replicator of mid-range natural field colors.  Don't let its name fool you -- our distributor in northern Finland reports that our Brush packs have started a new rage in camo up there in the north country!  This is a great go-anywhere camouflage.


This photo of a J34 in Hide-Open Western Slope was intentionally taken with the pack simply resting against a rock.  Now you know why Hide-Open's motto is "Stand up and Hide" The photo was taken as the sun was setting, and you can see that the pattern completely melts into the sage and rock features around it. Above, an H2 Gunrunner pack in Hide-Open Rock Veil, sitting on one of the boulders from which it was created.  This is a great pattern for high country hunting, for winter climates, and for all-around hunting.  Similar to our description of Mossy Oak Brush above, the pattern works well in both interior forests and open spaces.


Our UNICAM ll pattern shown here on a G4 Operator pack standing in the grass.  The digital pattern is great in a wide range of environments.  Photo taken in open midday sunlight.  Wearing a JP9, this hunter climbing a steep western open slope blends in perfectly  wearing Mossy Oak Brush.  Photo taken in morning sunlight.

Unicam Dry Aramid 

New Pattern- Loden


Above: Hide-Open Rock Veil.  Copyright Hide-Open LLC.

"Stand up and Hide."



Above: Hide-Open Timber Veil.  Copyright Hide-Open LLC.

"Stand up and Hide."

See Rock Veil camouflage in the field:


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