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Attaching Padlock Accessories to Your Eberlestock Pack:

Follow these steps to attach Padlock system accessory pouch:

1.  Choose the best position for your pouch, and tuck the male buckle and strap through a rung on the pack above where you want the pouch. 2.  Next, go through the uppermost webbing loop on the accessory. 3.  Then go through the next rung down on the pack...

The Padlock system is unique because it allows more flexibility than other systems.  A larger 5-rung wide pouch, like the A2MP, can be attached to a 3-wide matrix on the pack because of its flexible attachment -- just route the straps however you need them.

4.  ... and continue, until you reach the bottom rung on the chain that you're weaving. 5.  Then tighten the buckle strap to that the pouch is snug, and buckle it up.

Another thing that's very useful about the Padlock system is that Padlock-equipped pouches can be attached to virtually any piece of webbing, or even to a pants belt.

The photos below show the relationship between the spacing of the webbing on the pouch and webbing of various widths to which it will be attached.  To match the pouch to different width webbing, you simply route the pouch's attachment straps different ways:

A 1.5" piece of webbing will be strung the same way as the 2" piece shown at right. A 2" piece of webbing runs alongside the uppermost webbing on the pouch, and over the middle space between the pouch's webbing loopholes.  When the attachment strap runs into the lower loophole, the pouch will be snugly held onto the 2" strap. To attach a pouch to a 1" piece of webbing, run the attachment strap under the upper loophole on the pouch (instead of over it, as shown in the other photos), then around the 1" webbing.  Capture it between the upper and lower loopholes by running the attachment strap under the lower loophole.

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